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1) London Eye

2) London Travelcards

3) Tower of London
4) Bateaux London Cruise
5) London Dungeon
Sienna Miller's Warning

Samuel Johnson's phrase, "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life," is one of the biggest London-cliche's going, but what most people were unaware of until this week was the bit that comes next. In fact, according to the actions of actress Sienna Miller, the full quote should read: "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, unless you're on about Edinburgh, which is aye a great place."

Miller has threatened to quit London in favour of the Scottish capital, fingering media intrusion as the culprit. It would be easy to tease Miller, but let's take her seriously for a moment. Could it be that the leavers of London have something important to warn the left-behind about, that they provide a valedictory service for the city's well-being?

A lot of people, for example, leave London for the countryside and a lot more dream of doing so. Perhaps, without that constant threat of imminent depopulation, London's leaders would have paved over our magnificent parks by now.

In the first part of the 20th century, London was often overshadowed by Berlin, Moscow and Paris for avant-garde cultural grandstanding and people like Samuel Becket (whose work is the subject of a Barbican Festival from this week) left. Possibly in response, London built the South Bank arts complex.

Miller said that she doesn't like her personal life, "being scrutinised," by the London media. One of the things people love about big cities is the anonymity, so you can see her point. Okay, she's a celeb and this is stretching things a bit - that's what this tigger does best - but I reckon Miller's Warning, as I'm certain it will go down in history, points to a larger problem.

Anonymity, and therefore urban freedom, is nowadays facing a battle for survival against the forces of snoopery, from mobile phone and credit card tracking and the sale of personal shopping details, to speed cameras, government wire-taps and the upcoming ID cards, not to mention the curtain twitching bloke in the flat opposite me. Let us keep our secrets in order that London keeps hers.

David Clee

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The New Statesmen
New Wimbledon
Played by Rik Mayall, B'Stard was a slap stick caricature of right-wing Tory politicians who, back then, held government power. Now re-invented for the stage and for the New Labour era, B'Stard has changed his party allegiance, but not his personality or his politics. - David Clee
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The New Statesmen.  Image:

Movin' Out
Apollo Victoria
There is absolutely no dialogue in this production, choreographed by Twyla Tharp & with music by iconic pop god Billy Joel. Hits include We Didn't Start the Fire, Uptown Girl and - of course - Movin' Out.
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Movin' Out.  Image: Joan Marcus
Chicago.  Bonnie Langford (Roxie Hart). Photographer: Simon Turtle

Top Theatre Sellers
(10/3/06 - 23/3/06)

1) Phantom of the Opera
2) Mary Poppins
3) Chicago
4) We Will Rock You
5) Blue Man Group


Fiery Furnaces
King's College
9 May, 2006

After much critical acclaim from their 2004 release, Blueberry Boat, the Fiery Furnaces bring their latest album, Bitter Tea, to London's King's College...
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Fiery Furnaces

Paul Anka
Royal Albert Hall
1 May, 2006

The man who has sung for more than half a century comes to Royal Albert Hall, this spring, continuing to tour on Rock Swings, Anka's newest album, in which he somehow transforms some of rock's baddest, hardest songs into swing masterpieces. Truly a feat itself, Anka is still celebrating his lifelong career - and still singing strong.
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Paul Anka
Dios Malos.  Image: Aaron Farley

Top Rock & Pop Gigs:

1) Paul Anka
2) Fiery Furnaces
3) Wolfmother
4) Dios Malos
5) She Wants Revenge


Sadler's Wells
Enjoy Japan's most traditional art form, as Kabuki performers combine traditional music, dance and movement with fantastic costumes.
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Kabuki. Image: Shockiku

Russell Maliphant.  Image:  Hugo Glendinning.

Top Classical Tickets

1) Russell Maliphant
2) Requiem Mixed Bill
3) Orfeo
4) Madam Butterfly, ENO
5) Ariodante


LondonNet Blockbuster of the Week

Inside ManInside Man 15
(2006) 129mins US
Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster

Detective Frazier is a man who enjoys living on the edge, pitting his wits against the criminal fraternity. His resourcefulness and cunning are tested to the limited during a tense hostage situation controlled by highly intelligent bank robber Dalton (Clive Owen). The two men attempt to size each other up, engaging in a frenetic game of cat and mouse with the lives of the hostages as the ultimate prize. The encounter is poised on a knife edge; one wrong decision could lead to tragedy. The stand-off takes an unexpected twist when Madaline, a power broker with a hidden agenda, interrupts negotiations, throwing the precarious situation into turmoil....
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Critics Choice

Sing Along Cinema

TransamericaTransamerica 15
Drama (2005) 103mins US
Director: Duncan Tucker
Starring: Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Fionnula Flanagan

Bree is a pre-operative male to female transsexual poised to undergo the final surgery that will complete her transformation. All she needs is for her therapist, Margaret, to grant her legal permission for the operation. Unfortunately, Margaret refuses...
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Romance & CigarettesRomance & Cigarettes 15
Comedy (2006) 106mins US
Director: John Turturro
Starring: James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet

New York-set musical romance in the tradition of Pennies From Heaven, centring on a philandering husband Nick Murder and his tangled love life including a demanding wife and foul-mouthed mistress. As Nick's vision of domestic bliss...
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Comedy StoreThe Comedy Store
London's most popular comedy club has been splitting sides for twenty two years now. The likes of Paul Merton, Jack Dee and Jo Brand have all taken to the stage here.

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- Fabric
- The End
- Borderline
- The Cross

Top Clubs

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1) The Ministry of Sound
2) Fabric
3) The End
4) Metro
5) Koko
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3 Accomodation Deals

City HotelCity Hotel***(The City)
Innovative in both location and style of accommodation, the City Hotel has rightly won plaudits from both business and tourist travellers. Unusually, it also boasts a large car park with limited coach space on offer. UKP75 - UKP105

Chelsea Lodge HotelChelsea Lodge Hotel**(Fulham Road)
A great little hotel over one of west London's restaurants, the Chelsea Lodge scores highly for value for money, location and efficiency of service. Rooms from UKP49 (including continental breakfast).

Swissotel London The HowardSwissotel London The Howard****(Tempel)
Inspired by the designs of Robert Adam, creator of the neo-classical style, no attention to design detail has been spared - from the marble pillars imported from Italy to the rich, specially commissioned carpet. The smart formality of the staff uniforms contrasts with the genuine warmth of their welcome.

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Four of the Best

The Milestone The Milestone *****(Kensington)
Dutch revival architecture houses a hotel that has recently been subject to a UKP5 million refurbishment; one that features individually designed rooms and suites, culinary excellence and a location in one of the most exclusive areas of London.

The ChesterfieldThe Chesterfield****(Mayfair)
Any hotel that offers internet access from all its rooms knows how to move with the times, although the Chesterfield's Georgian décor also respects the past. For fitness fanatics, gym passes are also avilable for the local fitness club.

The GalleryThe Gallery***(South Kensington)
The Gallery Hotel offers a haven of quiet elegance in luxurious Victorian surroundings, within reach of all the best that modern London has to offer. Friendly staff and a lobby adorned with mahogany panelling offer a warm and welcoming greeting to guests on arrival.

lincoln houseLincoln House ** (Marble Arch)
Built at the end of the 18th Century, in the time of King George III, the Lincoln House Hotel offers Georgian charm with modern comforts.

London Hotel Chart
(9/3/06 - 23/3/06)
1) Earl's Court Studios
2) The Gainsborough
3) Shellbourne Hotel
4) The Willett
5) Lord Jim Hotel

Featured Worldwide Hotel

Caleta HotelCaleta Hotel****
PO Box 73, Catalan Bay, Gibraltar
The 4 star Caleta Hotel is majestically situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the Mediterranean. With stunning views to both Southern Spain and North Africa and providing the very best of Italian and international cuisine and summer al fresco dining.

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Hot London Headlines

Yorke Alarmed and Surprised by Blair's Spin Doctors
- Radiohead singer blames freaked-out illness on lead up to abandoned meeting with the PM (more...)

Bateaux London Cruise Competition

Bateaux London CruisesGet set for luxury dining with a difference – enjoy panoramic views of London whilst eating out on a unique all-glass vessel travelling along the Thames. LondonNet has teamed up with leading restaurant cruise operator, Bateaux London to offer a dinner cruise for two people.

Dinner cruises allow the chance to sit back and enjoy the view taking in major landmarks of the city such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Tower of London. Also included is live entertainment with an onboard band and singer, and after dinner dancing.

Ideal for special occasions or a well-deserved treat, Bateaux London’s Dinner Cruises are the most relaxing way to take in the best of Central London, no traffic, no hassles; just pure indulgence. Perfect for special occasions – look out for dedicated Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruises on Mother’s Day and Easter Sunday.

To win two tickets for a Premier Dinner Cruise all you have to do is answer this question: Do Bateaux London dinner cruises take place on:
a. The Rhine
b. The Hudson
c. The Thames

Please Note: Embarkation begins at 19.15hrs at Embankment Pier with the cruise departing at 20.00hrs. The cruise returns to Embankment pier at 22.45hrs.

How to Enter: Send an email with the correct answer to [email protected], with the Subject "Bateaux London Cruise Compie." You must include your name, email address, telephone number and postal address, to be considered for the prize.

More Necessary Info:
- NB MUST include name, email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie only - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize!
- First correct answer out of the Editor's hat wins the prize
- Details will be sent to the winners
- LondonNet is not responsible for prize distribution
- The Editor's decision is final

Closing Date: Noon, Thursday 6th April 2006.

Previous Winners: Ms M. Milam and Mr J. Dobson.

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Posted in LondonNet Princess Diana Conspiracy Forum
Thu Feb 23, 2006

Dear LondonNet,
The Princess was taken down, because she wanted to have a life! She just wanted to love and a family that loved her! The Royal family used her from the very beginning. Then when they got what they wanted, they had no use for her anymore. Its a SHAME, SHE WAS AND IS STILL THE JEWEL of THAT CROWN!!!! Those who did her wrong, KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!! THE ONES THAT "KILLED HER" know who they are! God knows and your pay back is coming!!! She makes the rest of the Royal family look like a past relic! Hopefully, Prince William,when HE becomes KING will do her right and Prince Harry! ONE DAY THE REAL TRUTH WILL COME OUT!!! EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!! NO MATTER "WHO" IS RESPONSIBLE!! Royals are not above the law!!
- Elaine

Dear Elaine,
That's a lot of capital letters and exclamation points. We're guessing you're more than a little enthused, and although we have little idea what you're actually talking about, we're glad you've voiced your views. Feel free to continue yelling via text on our forum...
- LondonNet

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