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Top Attraction Sellers
(13 Oct - 27 Oct 2005)

1) London Eye

2) Madame Tussaud's

3) London Eye River Cruise
4) Dali Universe
5) Tower of London
And Fly By...

I finished reading On Beauty this afternoon, and something landed heavily inside of me.

I didn't overly enjoy it: it was rife with Zadie Smith's haughty, debonair university-speak (probably the result of constantly moving in terrible literary circles), she spent ample time plucking tidbits from E.M. Forster instead of pouring into her own inclinations (I read this in a review. These aren't the sort of this that I just 'know'), and she might as well have kept the same names for two or three of her characters, which came straight out of White Teeth.

Still, as it has been said many times, Zadie Smith writes characters, dialogues and ideas. She doesn't write for some fantastic plot or great, unusual scheme. She knows London, and she writes people that I see at bus stops, or glimpse in the grocery store.

I admire this, intensely.

Yesterday night, while fumbling around with my computer, I was startled mid-sentence. The pub where I was parked, tea and laptop on my small table, overlooks Greenland Dock - this long, narrow body of water that used to house shipping vessels from Greenland and now serves weekend sailboats, pensioner-fisherman and dog walkers.

Across the dock, straight from where I was sitting, the night started exploding in the sky. Huge sets of fireworks began their assault on the damp air, flying over the long rows of modern, Georgian-style flats. I smiled and sighed, as it was a strange burst in the middle of concentration, but I enjoyed the kids jumping and cheering on the sidewalk. Then, as the green ones faded into shotgun-sounding reds, they shifted from their optimistic vertical flight paths, to the horizontal, erratic, run-for-your-lives kind.

I saw the group of kids scatter, and I stood up with worry.

Picture me: in the middle of a little local pub, jumping up and down and yelling, "Noooooo! Oh! Nooooooo!"

The fireworks soared towards the quaint doorway coves of the flats, the stately trees, and even the fenced in plot where the sailboats were kept. I pointed. I gasped. The guy next to me finally turned to give me dirty look.

And then, in a few seconds, they were done.

No kids blown in half on the sidewalk, no freshly painted sailboats ablaze and sinking, no charred remains of a post box, or a park bench. I sighed and sat back down. My computer died and my I was finished.

Then today, as my face flushed hot in the last section of the book, as I grasped and yearned and hoped for Zadie Smith to put this terrible world right, the pages ended. The fast pace of the climax rushed out from under me.

What was that, I wondered. Then a few minutes later, after sulking slightly and taking another bite of my turkey sandwich: Oh.

Like last night, like watching the sky set fire and the kids cheer and then run in fear; like picturing the fireworks turning on the buildings, the boats and the children; like the empty silence afterwards, when only the air burned with excitement and its post-traumatic scars.

Megan M. Retka


Blue Man Group
New London Theatre
The wiry, over-flexible performers bring their basket of mult-media charades to the New London Theatre in November. Using unusual props and accompanied by a live band, the trio creates a strange and remarkable genre of theatrical show.
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Blue Man Group.  Image:  Ken Howard

Sinatra At The London Palladium
London Palladium
Beginning in March, the London Palladium resurrects arguably the best performer it's ever housed: Frank Sinatra. In the technically stunning musical that stormed Radio City Music Hall in New York, Sinatra At the London Palladium brings "Old Blue Eyes" back by way of digitally enhanced, never before seen video footage, a 24 piece orchestra, and a mess of fabulous props. This will be next's year's "phenomenon in midnight blue."

Tickets on sale, soon - Check back with us, here!

Les Miserables.  Image: Michael Le Poer Trench

Top Theatre Sellers
(13 Oct - 27 Oct 2005)

1) Phantom of the Opera
2) The Producers
3) Mary Poppins
4) Les Misérables
5) Chicago


Missy Elliot
Apollo Hammersmith
28 November, 2005

Master virtuoso of dirty beats and wicked rhymes, Missy Elliot comes to London in November. Missy Elliot, an icon for her ball-busting talents, attitude and style, has delivered chart-topping hit after hit. Working it, and working hard, Missy released The Cookbook earlier this year, to the delight of fans and critics worldwide.
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Missy Elliot

Jason Mraz
Shepards Bush Empire
21 February, 2006

After achieving acclaim in the wider part of the Western world, native Virginian turned Californian, Jason Mraz is coming back to the Shepherds Bush Empire. Mraz released his sophomore album, Mr. A-Z in July.
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Jason Mraz.  Image (c) Jason Mraz.

Top Rock & Pop Gigs:

1)Missy Elliot
2) Stereophonics
3) Staind
4) Gold Frapp
5) Lcd Soundsystem


The Nutcracker
Various London Venues
The classical toy-story ballet comes to more than a few venues this Christmas. Lucky you have LondonNet to help you get well into that holiday spirit...
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The Nutcracker.  Image: Eric Richardson


Top Classical Tickets

1) The Nutcracker
2) Sleeping Beauty, ENB
3) Xerxes, ENO
4) Manon, ROH
5) Madam Butterfly, ENO


LondonNet Blockbuster of the Week

The Legend of ZorroThe Legend of Zorro PG
Action (2005) 130mins US
Director: Martin Campbell
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rufus Sewell, Adrian Alonso

Don Alejandro de la Vega - aka masked crimefighter Zorro - and his beautiful wife Elena are forced to take up arms to protect their beloved, poverty stricken Alta California
from corruption perpetrated by the despicable Armand...
Showing at these cinemas...

Critics Choice

Indie Pick of the Week

MurderballMurderball 15
Action (2004) 85mins US
Director: Dana Adam Shapiro, Henry-Alex Rubin
Life-affirming documentary focusing on the members of the U.S. Paralympic wheelchair quad rugby team, and their quest for glory on and off the court from 2002 to 2004. In particular, the film spotlights outspoken player Mark Zupan...
Showing at these cinemas...

Thumbsucker Thumbsucker15
Drama (2005) 95mins US
Director: Mike Mills
Starring: Lou Taylor Pucci, Tilda Swinton, Vincent D'Onofrio, Keanu Reeves
Since he was little, 17-year-old Justin Cobb has sucked his thumb - it is his security blanket in times of stress. His despairing parents Mike and Audrey have tried to break the habit without success, using bullying tactics..
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Comedy StoreThe Comedy Store London's most popular comedy club has been splitting sides for twenty two years now. The likes of Paul Merton, Jack Dee and Jo Brand have all taken to the stage here.

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Purchase club tickets via our online service, and at most venues you'll be able to jump the ticket queue. Venues featured include:
- Fabric
- The End
- Borderline
- The Cross

Top Clubs

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1) Fabric
2) Ministry of Sound
3) The End
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St James Club

St. James Hotel *****(Park Place)
St James's Club takes luxury seriously. A fitness room with sauna and steam, a full concierge service, and an airport service are all on offer. In a quiet cul-de-sac off St James's Street, the club is the perfect getaway for those who love the capital but value protection from its hustle and bustle.

The ChesterfieldThe Chesterfield ****(Mayfair)
Any hotel that offers internet access from all its rooms knows how to move with the times, although the Chesterfield's Georgian dťcor also respects the past. For fitness fanatics, gym passes are also avilable for the local fitness club. ourist sites

Shellbourne HotelShellbourne Hotel (Budget, Earl's Court)
This budget hotel is clean and simply furnished in a traditional style. Shellbourne Hotel is housed in an attractive period building, on a quiet street just off Cromwell Road. Earlís Court Station is only a few minutesí walk away from the hotel.

Free updates of available rooms/tenants in your area.

Four of the Best

The HempelThe Hempel*****(Craven Hill Gardens )
The Hempel, West London's stunning Boutique hotel, created by acclaimed British designer Anouska Hempel, is an architectural statement in original design. Simple and minimalist, The Hempel is a new experience in hotel living.
Studio Apartment Double - UKP245.00
Superior Double - UKP287.88

The GoreThe Gore***(South Kensington)
One of London's most popular privately run hotels, The Gore first opened its doors in 1892 as an annexe to the neighbouring Queen's Gate Mansions Hotel. The Gore offers old fashioned comfort with up-to-date facilities and is justly famous for its mellow surroundings and intelligent, friendly staff. Single - UKP136.00; Double - UKP168.03

The GainsboroughThe Gainsborough***(South Kensington)
Named after the celebrated artist, whose portrait of the Duchess of Richmond graces the light, spacious lounge and reception, The Gainsborough combines the attractive style of bygone days with an easy informality.
From UKP49...

Lidos HotelLidos Hotel (Budget, Victoria)
Lidos Hotel has 21 simple and modern rooms, perfect for guests looking for central accommodation at an affordable price. Lidos Hotel is just a five minute walk from Victoria Station, which gives you access to the underground and train services

London Hotel Chart
(13 October - 28 October 2005)
1) Commodore Hotel
2) The Ritz
3) The Howard

Featured Worldwide Hotel

Bilderberg Garden HotelBilderberg Garden Hotel *****
Amsterdam, Holland
This culinary hotel is firmly rooted in Amsterdam's culture of shopping and museums, combining a central location with the facilities you expect from a popular five-star hotel.

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Theatre Heavyweights Plan Birthday Treat for English StageDaniel Craig Struggling to Overcome His Biggest Fear - The Bond Actor is afraid of guns...

Londoners Face Night Flight Fright - Residents protest a possible increase in nightime flights to and from London airports...

Sweet Chap Disco for Domestic Competition

The Sweet Chap - Disco for a DomesticVisiting the various front-doors and back entrances of dark alleyways, The Sweet Chap's new album Disco for a Domestic blends the silky sounds of late nights and dirty deeds, varying from sensual to plain creepy.

The effects are always enthralling; strong understanding of disposition make Disco for a Domestic an assortment of shadowy figures. It either leaves one with a wonderfully depressed sensation or the crawling sensation of being watched. - Jackie Jou

The album is hitting digital stores across the planet Nov 1st, and the single Rummage has already been released.

LondonNet is giving away ten signed copies of the album, yours if you can answer the following question...

Question: What is the title of the new Sweet Chap album Disco for a Domestic?
a) Discovering Domesticity
b) Delivery of World Domination
c) Disco for A Domestic

How to Enter: Send an email with the correct answer to [email protected], with the Subject "Disco Domestic Compie." You must include your name, email address, telephone number and postal address, to be considered for the prize.

More Necessary Info:
- NB MUST include name, email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie only - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize!
- First correct answer out of the Editor's hat wins the prize
- Details will be sent to the winners
- LondonNet is not responsible for prize distribution
- The Editor's decision is final

Closing Date: Noon, Friday November 4th, 2005.

Rummage video: Real Player
Protest Recordings Video Sampler: Real Player

Dear LondonNet,
How can u not include garage in the music types???
- Amit

Dear Amit ,
We try to include a large & varied collection of music in our listings, but it is simply and nearly impossible to define every single, different subset genre. This is also intensified when bands define themselves in sixteen ways. "We're kinda beyond genres, you know, but I guess if you had to box us in and define us, we're sorta indie-electro-new-country-grime," they say. Yeah. I'm sure you are. For now we'll stick with the broader contexts, and let the bands argue about it, themselves.
- LondonNet

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