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Top Attraction Sellers
(21 Jul - 3 Aug 2005)

1) London Eye

2) Summer Opening of the State Rooms

3) Summer Opening of Parlaiment Tour
4) Royal Day Out
5) London Dungeon
London Diary

The Thoughts of London's Bloggers...

After a recent report claimed that a new blog was being created every second, we dipped our fingers into the pool of London bloggers, courtesy of London Bloggers, and pulled out the following excerpts...

(Please note: quotes have been edited for reasons of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness)

"As you might have noticed there are rather a lot of Eastern Europeans in London at the moment. To the point where the bomb attacks on July 7th killed 3 Poles... Now admittedly I'm a tiny bit pissed at the moment - out drinking with Polish friends. But apparently Poland is fascinated by the British response to the attacks. Indeed there appears to be some surprise as to why London has not seen a massive popular backlash against Islam...It takes someone foreign being surprised at London's reaction - and thinking it's weird - to make me actually quite proud of it." - Dead Cat Bounce

"A few minutes later my office phone rang for the first time that evening, and whilst I'm chatting away to my District line colleague, Tube Dude, I happened to glance up at the CCTV monitors when I spotted something unusual. 'Is that passenger really carrying a lion or am I imagining it?' " - The Station Log Book

"When Guido saw the story about monkeys protesting outside Downing Street the immediate thought was, he's lost it, the second funniest political blogger in Britain has finally cracked up. I flicked my browser to Recess Monkey's website to discover if the parliamentary recess had driven him over the edge - to find out it was actually a bunch of primate-loving animal libbers protesting. (Is primate-loving legal?)" - Guy Fawkes Blog

"A few weeks ago, during the early hours of dawn, we heard the tinkling of glass bottles and the quiet whisper of an electric vehicle winding up our street. Upon investigation we learned that there is a milkman who makes home deliveries. Last week, I returned home late on Thursday evening from my usual week in the northwest. The next morning, as I stirred from slumber at about ten before 6:00, my first thought was that we had no milk for cereal or cream for coffee. As if on cue, I heard the quiet electric open-sided truck pull up in front of the flat. I jumped up, threw on my robe, and ran down the stairs to meet Joe, the neighbourhood milkman. He sold me two pints of semi-skimmed, and signed us up for regular delivery every Friday morning. Not only do the doctors in England make house calls, but it is delightful to have Joe bring us milk and cream every week. " - Living in London

Compiled by Megan M. Retka


Children Will Listen
23 October 2005
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Stephen Sondheim celebrates his 75th birthday with a charity Gala Concert - Children Will Listen. The performance is set to raise raise 100,000 for ChildLine.
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Stephen Sondheim

Dancing In The Streets

The best of Motown comes to Cambridge theatre, in a story that tells the record studio's meager beginnings, to the celebration of the greatest names in black soul music, all to the era's pivitol sounds.
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Dancing In The Streets
The Producers

Top Theatre Sellers
(21 Jul - 3 Aug 2005)

1) Phantom of the Opera
2) The Producers
3) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4) The Lion King
5) We Will Rock You


Sigur Ros
9 November 2005
Brixton Academy

Arguably one of rock and roll's biggest current phenomenons, Sigur Ros combines lavish, churning emo with ethereal noise and a fluid made-up language, and produces prolific, all-encompassing sound. Their gigs are known as near-spiritual experiences, if not only to see an electric bass being played with a bow.

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The ethereal Sigur Ros.

Ian Brown
26 & 67 November 2005
Brixton Academy

Flamboyant art rocker Ian Brown does twice the Brixton Academy this fall, with the infamy of his nature trailing faithfully behind him. The former Stone Roses frontrunner is known to hearken back to old times, with his many sweaty fans rocking steady along.
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Ian Brown


Top Rock & Pop Sellers
(21 Jul - 3 Aug 2005)

1) Get Loaded In The Park
2) SW4 Festival
3) Prodigy
4) Katie Melua
5) Joss Stone


Classical & Dance

Amu - Random Dance
Sadler's Wells
15 - 17 Sep 2005

Random Dance Company. Image:  Ravi Deepres. The innovative Random Dance Company undertakes the human body, in perhaps their most alluring production, yet. 50 musicians, 10 dancers and 7 singers collaborate in Amu (of the heart), at Saddlers Wells....

Top Classical
(21 Jul - 3 Aug 2005)

1) National Cuban Ballet

2) One Touch of Venus - Opera North

3) Jacqueline Wilson's Midnight

LondonNet Blockbuster of the Week

Maggie Peyton (LINDSAY LOHAN) in a scene from the new comedy adventure, HERBIE: FULLY LOADED, directed by Angela Robinson. Distributed by Buena Vista International. Photo: Richard Cartwright. ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Herbie: Fully Loaded (U)
Comedy (2005) 101mins US
Director: Angela Robinson
Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton, Matt Dillon, Justin Long
In his latest high-speed escapade, the cheeky Volkswagen Beetle and its perky new owner, Maggie Peyton, become involved in the high speed world of NASCAR racing, where Herbie risks bumper and hub-cap to win the championship ahead of oily rival Trip Murphy.

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Critic's Choice of the Week

Yes. ©Greene Street Films/UK Film Council.  Image:  Nicola DoveYes (15)
Drama (2003) 100mins UK/US
Director: Sally Potter
Starring: Joan Allen, Simon Abkarian, Sam Neill
Trapped in a loveless marriage to a career-minded British politician, a pretty, middle-aged Irish-American scientist craves affection and attention. During a stuffy dinner party, she catches the eye of a charming Lebanese cook. Flirtation across the dinner table kindles an illicit affair but the histories of the couple threaten to derail their forbidden attraction.

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Turkey of the Week

Jamie Foxx in Stealth. Stealth (12A) Action (2005) 120mins US Director: Rob Cohen Starring: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx
In the not too distant future, the American armed forces begin experimenting with technology and artificial intelligence as the way forward in modern warfare. A computerized stealth plane known as Eddie (short for Extreme Deep Invader) is developed to work alongside human pilots, flying the most dangerous missions over hostile enemy territory. When Eddie malfunctions and gains personality quirks far beyond its original programming, three ace pilots sign up to destroy the rogue plane.

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The Comedy Store London's most popular comedy club has been splitting sides for twenty two years now. The likes of Paul Merton, Jack Dee and Jo Brand have all taken to the stage here. Click here for more info...

The Comedy Store



Purchase club tickets via our online service, and at most venues you'll be able to jump the ticket queue. Venues featured include:
- Fabric
- The End
- Borderline
- The Cross

Top Clubs

Based on Page
Visits on LondonNet
(3 Aug 2005)
1) The Cross
2) Metro Club
3) Fabric
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Accomodation Deals
The Ritz

The Ritz*****(Picadilly)
Opened in 1906, The Ritz has traditionally been a place to stay and meet for famous figures from the world of stage and screen, and for statesman, aristocrats and Royalty. Single - UKP220 (Inclusive of VAT) Superior King - UKP260 (Inclusive of VAT) Deluxe King - UKP330 (Inclusive of VAT)

The CommodoreThe Commodore*** (Lancaster Gate)
Keenly priced, lavishly refurbished, 4 star hotel close to Hyde Park. This privately owned hotel is ideal for families and business travellers. Superb location for sights, restaurants and shops.
Single - UKP75.00
Triple - UKP85.00

Hazlitt'sHazlitts****(Soho/West End)
Hazlitt's occupies three historic houses, dating back to 1718, in Frith Street, Soho Square and was the former home of William Hazlitt (1778-1830), a painter and writer whose clergyman father founded the Unitarian church in Boston, Mass, USA. Hazlitt's size, age and position lends it a unique, intimate charm that makes it a popular choice for the visitor tired of large, chain hotels.

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Four of the Best

4141 *****(Buckingham Palace Road)
Even the marble and panelled entrance to 41 won't prepare you for the sheer luxury of the hotel. From the executive club lounge to the cellar of fine wine, 41 strives to pamper its guests.

The Gore, located at  Kensington Gore.The Gore ****(Kensington Gore)
The Gore offers old fashioned comfort with up-to-date facilities and is justly famous for its mellow surroundings and intelligent, friendly staff. The Gore is located near Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.
Single - UKP136 (Inclusive of VAT)
Double - UKP168.03 (Inclusive of VAT)

The Willett. The Willett ***(Sloane Square)
The Willett is a dignified Victorian hotel with the ornate carvings, mosaics and chandeliers to prove it. It has also moved fast enough with the times to have attracted a long list of regulars, while its rooms retain the spirit of old.
Double - UKP90
Deluxe - UKP110

Columbia HotelColumbia Hotel***(Lancaster Gate )
Situated one mile from Marble Arch on the north side of Hyde Park, there is quick and easy access by two bus routes and two London Underground rail stations to city business centres, theatres, shopping and tourist attractions.
Single - UKP68.00
Double - UKP86.00

London Hotel Chart

Top Sellers
(21 Jul - 3 Aug 2005)
1) Columbia
2) St. James Club
3) La Reserve

Featured Worldwide Hotel:

Lausanne Palace & SpaLausanne Palace & Spa *****
Lausanne, Switzerland
The Lausanne Palace & Spa offers a great view of beautiful Lake Geneva and the Alps. Inside, luxury is the watchword, with all the top-class facilities and levels of service to be expected from a well-run five-star establishment.

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Tom Cruise at the War of the Worlds premiere in Leicester Square

Blogging Every Second - Weblogs become London's final forum frontier (more...)

The Real Beer Feel - London Olympia plays host to more than 450 British beers (more...)

London Triathlon Competition

London Triathlon-ers Michelle Dillon and Stuart HayesMichelob ULTRA, the great-tasting, low-carbohydrate, 5% premium beer, has teamed up with LondonNet to offer you all the gear you need to get started in Triathlon.

We're giving away a wetsuit, tri suit, bike and running gear to get you started in the new lifestyle sport of the 21st century.

Michelob ULTRA is the title sponsor of the London Triathlon, taking place from 6th to 7th August. The Michelob ULTRA London Triathlon is the largest triathlon in the world with 10,000 entrants expected for this year's event.

Far from being an exclusive sport, Triathlon is the world's fastest growing multi discipline sport and it's a great way for anyone to get fit.

Question: What three sporting disciplines make up the triathlon?
a) Swimming - Cycling - Rollerblading
b) Swimming - Cycling - Running
c) Pole-vault - Long Jump - Hurdles

How to Enter: Send an email with the correct answer to "[email protected]," with the subject "Triathlon Competition."

More Necessary Info: NB Include email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize! First correct answers out of the Editor's hat win the prizes, details will be sent to the winner; LondonNet is not responsible for prize distribution. The Editor's decision is final.

Closing Date: Noon, Friday 12 August 2005.

Last Ahoy winner: Mr. Albanese, London

Dear LondonNet,
On October 23rd 2003, I wrote a short article regarding Diana, and this was to do with theories regarding Diana's death. The article I left received a note from the editor patronising my theory - relating to astrology and the fact that Diana was pregnant when she died. I was just wondering, bearing in mind the present news that Diana WAS pregnant when she died, whether your editor would like to either retract his statement or leave a little apology - Astrology does work, as I have proved in my article I left on your website on 23rd October 2003. - J. Brutnell

Dear J. Brutnell,
Uh, no. But thanks. Your letter, as you know, was part of a number of extreme opinions from readers regarding Diana's untimely death. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories, with the theory of Diana's pregnancy still remaining just that: a theory. Nothing has been proven. While we respect your opinion, we don't agree with it. And we don't have to.

The Editor reserves the right to amend your contributions for reasons of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness. We welcome your views on any subject, questions about your visit and of course feedback about the newsletter or website. Email: [email protected] to submit.