Get Billy - Win a copy of the rereleased Billy Elliot DVD, details below...
Win Billy.  See below...

Get Billy - Win a copy of the rereleased Billy Elliot DVD, details below...

London Eye at night.

2005 London Eye Flights - No booking fee for all London Eye tickets sold on LondonNet!
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Top Attraction Sellers
(28 Apr - 12 May 2005)

1) London Eye

2) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition

3) Summer Opening of Parlaiment
4) Legoland, Windsor
5) Medieval Banquet
London Diary

The Rodent Revolution...

The rat population of London is on the rise. So says a recent report, which
blames fast-food outlets for the rodent revolution.

There's something chilling about rats that makes almost everyone shudder, especially if one of their filthy number is hanging by its diseased fangs from your bloody wrist under a full-moon sky. You just can't help it - rats have for so long been associated with horror, from Nosferatu to James Herbert, that is it high time King Rat called in the PR people.

The first thing our PR friend would mention, I feel sure, is the colour. Rats are as dark as the night that cloaks their nocturnal endeavours, which
adds to the mystery-horror element, but which is anathema in an open,
democratic society. On the other hand, white rats are cute and funny and
kept as pets. I saw one once on the end of a lead being hauled across
Clapham Common and no-one blinked, not even the rat, which may well have had its eyelids removed in a lab somewhere. All that's needed is a flick of the DNA switch and snowy rats would become a tourist attraction.

But tourism is a fickle mistress, as the poor old pigeons on Trafalgar Square will agree. Stage 2 in the PR make-over, therefore, would be to give rats a proper job to back up their new-found charms. A pest control officer told me the other day that rats are brilliant at memorising routes back to yummy, if revolting, food stores. You see where I'm going here. After the pub, brain no function, lost in the big city, how do I get home? Call your local rat guide! I feel sure that solution is just as likely as getting fast-food places to clean up.

David Clee


Billy Elliot
Victoria Palace Theatre

The great problem proposed by turning one of Britain's best films into a musical, was the question of Billy: how does a young boy, as well as numerous other young cast members, dance continuously on stage for three hours? The answer: an ever-growing budget, songs written by Elton John, and serious training centre for young hopefuls in Northern England. Not to mention having three Billy Elliots.
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Billy Elliot, starring James Lomas, George Maguire and Liam Mower.

This Is How It Goes
Donmar Warehouse

Neil Labute pegs race and infidelity against the moral rigour of small-town America. Labute is known for such well-known pieces as The Shape of Things and The Mercy Seat. Ben Chaplin, Megan Dodds and Idris Elba star.
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Ben Chaplin, Megan Dodds and Idris Elba star in This Is How It Goes.
Nala in the Lion King.  Image:  copyright Disney.

Top Theatre Sellers
(28 Apr - 12 May 2005)

1) We Will Rock You
2) The Lion King
3) Billy Elliot
4) Les Miserables
5) Saturday Night Fever


Snoop Dogg
12th July 2005
Wembley Pavillion

The world's most sustainable rapper heads to Wembley this summer, for a hip-hop hoe-down to which only Snoop is famous. He is celebrating his new album, R & G (Rhythm & Gangsta), preferably with some gin and juice.

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Snoop Dogg carries his rapping baggage.

Aimee Mann
Shepard's Bush Empire
16 July, 2005

Singer-songwriter Mann's fifth solo album, The Forgotten Arm, finds her crafting the same pensive, lilting pop songs documenting tales of melancholia with a tinge of residual hope. The Forgotten Arm spins the story of the meeting of two young lovers, who embark on a roadtrip across the United States. Although her songs are intimate and confessional, Mann's popularity dictates that she plays larger venues, and accordingly she'll be stopping at Shepherd's Bush Empire on July 16th.
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Aimee Mann comes to Shepard's Bush Empire on 16 July


Top Rock & Pop Sellers
28 Apr - 12 May 2005)

1) REM
2) James Brown
3)Snoop Dogg
4) Basement Jaxx
5) Acid Jazz featuring JTQ & Mother Earth

Basement Jaxx is in this year's Wireless Festival.

Classical & Dance

Photo: Steve Hanson, Credit: Dee Conway; ONDINE - Tamara Rojo as Ondine, Jonathan Cope as Palemon; Design by Dewynters; The Royal Ballet - Royal Opera House 02 / 2005; Mixed Programme - Ashton Celebrations; Music: Hans Werner Henze

Royal Opera House
21 Mar - 24 May 2005
Taken from folk lore, Frederick Ashton's Ondine tells the story of the water spirit who tragically falls in love with a human. The Royal Ballet revisits this piece, originally premiered by the RB in 1958, with a score from Hans Werner Henze...

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Top Classical
(28 April - 12 May 2005)

1) Ondine

2) Proms 2005

3) Cosi Fan Tutte


LondonNet Blockbuster of the Week

The Jacket (15)
Thriller (2005) 103mins US
Director: John Maybury
Starring: Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Gulf War veteran William Starks receives a gunshot to the head during active service and subsequently suffers debilitating bouts of amnesia. Despatched to a psychiatric facility, William is plied with experimental drugs and confined to a straitjacket in the hospital basement. Left alone in the dark, William finds he is able to travel through time to the future, where he learns he is to die in six days.

Adrien Brody in The Jacket.
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LondonNet Critic's Choice of the Week

Le Clan (Three Dancing Slaves) (15)
Drama (2004) 89mins (with subtitles) Fr
Director: Gael Morel
Starring: Nicolas Cazale, Stephane Rideau, Thomas Dumerchez
Following the death of their mother, three brothers struggle to come to terms with their grief. The oldest boy Christophe, who has recently returned from a spell in prison, attempts to be carer and protector of the family. His 22-year-old brother Marc reacts violently to the return of the prodigal son, investing all of his energies a local gang. Meanwhile, sweet and sensitive 17-year-old Olivier fails to keep the peace in the household, simultaneously struggling to conceal his fledgling gay romance with an Arab friend.

Le Clan.  Image courtesy
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LondonNet Turkey of the Week

Monster-In-Law (12A)
Comedy (2005) 101mins US
Director: Robert Luketic
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan, Wanda Sykes
Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini falls madly in love with Kevin Fields, the handsome and charming man of her dreams. Before wedding bells can peal, Charlie is invited to meet Kevin's mother - recently fired national news anchor Viola. From the moment Charlie steps nervously into Viola's luxurious abode, the young woman realises that she will be inheriting the world's worst mother-in-law.

Jane Fonda returns in Monster in Law, alongside J-Lo.
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The Comedy Store London's most popular comedy club has been splitting sides for twenty two years now. The likes of Paul Merton, Jack Dee and Jo Brand have all taken to the stage here. Click here for more info...



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- The Cross

Top Clubs

Based on Page
Visits on LondonNet
(12 May 2005)
1) The Metro Club
2) The Cross
3) The Roxy
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River view from The Howard.

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Top Sellers
(28 Apr - 12 May 2005)
1) Columbia
2) St. James Club
3) Commodore

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Silken Gran Hotel Domine has mod design in a favourable location.Silken Gran Hotel Domine*****
Bilbao, Spain
Silken Gran Hotel Domine is located in the city of Bilbao. The hotel creates a relaxing atmosphere through the stylish and elegant décor, and the hotel restaurant offers excellent cuisine and a coffee shop. The bedrooms are designed with comfort in mind and equipped with all modern amenities.

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Dulwich wins.  Pictured:  an excerpt from Quentin Blake's Christmas exhibit, at the Dulwich Gallery. Prizes Claimed by London Museums
- Dulwich Gallery and Petrie win awards at annual event...

TfL Barge Past Congestion
- Canal revamp aims to take lorries off the road...

Billy Elliot DVD Competition

In honour of the West End debut of Billy Elliot The Musical, LondonNet is giving you the change to win the best-loved and celebrated film.

The 2-Disc Special Edition Billy Elliot DVD contains extended and deleted scenes, Making of the Movie including interviews with the writer and director, and footage from auditions for Billy Elliot the Musical.

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Answer the following question below, to win one of 5 DVD's...

Question: Who wrote the music for Billy Elliot the Musical? (Hint: he also wrote the music for The Lion King, and rewrote a Candle In The Wind for Princess Diana's funeral)

How to Enter: Send an email with the correct answer to "[email protected]"

More Necessary Info: NB Include email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize! First correct answers out of the Editor's hat win the prizes, details will be sent to the winner; prizes will be distributed by Rooster PR. The Editor's decision is final.

Closing Date: 3pm, 5 June, 2005

Dear LondonNet,
Having read the excellent book 'Asassination of Princess Diana' and after reading 'Hidden Evidence' there seems to be no doubt whatsoever that this was indeed murder. The assasination is explained in detail by members of MI5/6 as to how and why it was done. Over 80 % of the public are convinced that the reference to it being an 'accident' to be a joke. Partly the reason was to put the way clear for Charles to marry Camilla (who he never stopped sleeping with at all) and this has happened even though the church had said it couldn't. Charles should go live abroad and let William take over. The murderers at MI5/6 should be brought to justice and imprisoned (or shot!!) Our love for Diana will never die.
- A Loyal Fan

Dear A Loyal Fan,
Thanks for your insight and [quite strong] comments. LondonNet has followed the thoughts of many of our readers since Diana's death, concerning Diana conspiracy theories, and we always enjoy hearing your opinions. Click here to read up on your theories behind the death of Diana...
- LondonNet

The Editor reserves the right to amend your contributions for reasons of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness. We welcome your views on any subject, questions about your visit and of course feedback about the newsletter or website. Email: [email protected] to submit.