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Constantine, TM & © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Keanu as Constantine - Win tickets to preview the next big comic adaption. Details, below...

Night view of the London Eye, courtesy of Ticketswitch.

2005 London Eye Flights - No booking fee for all London Eye tickets sold on LondonNet!
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Top Attraction Sellers

(18th Feb - 3rd Mar 05)

1) London Eye

2) Madame Tussaud's

3) Caravaggio: The Final Years
4) Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years
5) London Dungeon
London Sex Museum Card School

Later this year, London is due to get its first sex museum, located at
the Trocadero.

So far, no-one knows what the museum will feature, but the rumours are it will ape similar places in other cities and concentrate on the various ways the human animal has got its rocks off over the ages. From careful research in these museums, that history consisted primarily of a succession of huge wooden dildoes, until someone invented silent movies, when giggling naked women ran around a lot waving their arms.

All useful stuff, but it doesn’t really have much of a London input. That’s a shame because London has a proud, pioneering, history in this area. On the one hand it gave the wacky world of sex Puritanism and Victorian values and on the other Swinging London and Soho itself. But by far the biggest contribution made by our capital is the phenomenon of telephone box prostitute cards. If one of the functions of art is to communicate the essential truth of one world to another, these cards are the Boy David of our times.

Many attempts have been made by officialdom to banish the cards, but still you have to swallow your pride and dress as a bumbling tourist or urinating wino to avoid suspicion when entering a public phone box.

The new museum would be doing this city a great service by highlighting this iconic sexual art-form before mobile phone technology renders them a distant memory. It might also be a handy way for the curators to make some extra cash. One tip from my becushioned behind, though: when leather-clad Lola, aged 23 of Brazil, says she likes to dominate, she means it.

David Clee


Acorn Antiques
Based on a soap opera from the TV series As Seen on TV, the Acorn Antiques musical chronicles the goings-on in an antiques shop in Manchesterford. Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, and Duncan Preston star. - Ashley Brown

Julie Walters as Mrs Overall in Acorn Antiques The Musical. Photo by Catherine Ashmore

Billy Elliot
Victoria Palace Theatre
24 March 2005 - 24 Sept 2005
Tickets are one sale for the long-awaited musical from the Golden Globe Winner Billy Elliot. Incorporating the film's writer Lee Hall and choreographer Peter Darling, the show's music was composed by Elton John and stars three new theatrical hopefuls. With a production budget topping around UKP5 million, Billy Elliot is not one to miss. Not suitable for small children.

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John Owen-Jones (The Phantom), Rachel Barrell (Christine) in The Phantom of the Opera. Photo by Clive Barda.

Top Theatre Sellers
(18 Feb - 3 March 2005)
1) Phantom of the Opera
2) We Will Rock You
3) Mary Poppins
4) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
5) Chicago


Rock & Pop
Previews by Ashley Brown

Al Green
Royal Albert Hall
29 June

Although he's more spiritual than seductive these days, veteran soulman Al Green can still woo with the honey-dipped voice that once wrapped around such classic tunes as "Let's Stay Together" and "Simply Beautiful". The indefatigable Green started singing gospel in the eighties, and now offers a set of the same peppered with his timeless seventies hits.

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14 March

Wilco rose from the ashes of legendary alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, and for over a decade have been making an affable fusion of country, pop, and electronic dabbling that ranges from melancholic to ecstatic. Frontman Jeff Tweedy's gentle, nicotine-cured twang sounds reminiscent of weathered, seen-it-all country bards like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. Their new album, "A Ghost is Born", heralded a fully evolved Wilco - although the album is rife with heartbreaking ballads, Wilco's live shows prove that they're still capable of turning out Tupelo-era rockers.

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Sondre Lerche
9 March

This Scandanavian troubadour's sweet delivery and heartrendingly genuine songs are akin to the beautifully wounded sounds of M.Ward and Elliott Smith. On new album "Two Way Monologue", he backs his guitar with soaring strings in arrangements influenced equally by vintage French pop and singer-songwriter confessionals.

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James Brown
The Forum
26 & 27 June 2005
The hardest working man in show business and self-styled sex machine is returning to London for a two-night engagement at the Forum. The indefatigable Brown has had a career spanning six decades, laying down heavy, honey-dipped funk with his trademark howl. He's launched the careers of a number of successful funk vocalists and instrumentalists, scored numerous films, and toured almost incessantly. Do the popcorn with the Godfather of Soul on June 26-27.

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Mos Def
Carling Academy Brixton
17 March 2005
Despite acclaimed acting turns in Spike Lee's Bamboozled and the Oscar-winning Monster's Ball and an original career in television, politically-minded Mos Def has been a mainstay in the realm of rock-infused hip-hop with a conscience for over a decade. His music, though, is a world away from the so-called rap-rock polluting radiowaves, combining lyrical substance rapped over bass-laden alterno-rock.

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Roots Manuva, Dreamy Days, courtesy of Way To Blue

Top Rock & Pop Sellers
(18 Feb - 3 March 2005)
1) Mos Def
2) Roots Manuva
3) The Spin Doctors
4) James Brown
5) Van Morrison


Chatsworth House, Derbyshire
9 July 2004
The inimitable Pavarotti, the world's most famous tenor, is embarking on an international farewell tour that will undoubtedly be bittersweet for fans of his thunderingly beautiful voice. For this tour, he'll be accompanied by conductor Leone Magiera, and he'll play an array of his personal choices from a vast classical repetoire. - Ashley Brown

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Agnes Oaks & Thomas Edur: Mixed Programme. Photo by: Sasha Gusov.

Top Classical Sellers
(18 Feb - 3 March 2005)
1) La Clemenenza di Tito, ENO
2) On The Town, ENO
3) Sleeping Beauty on Ice


LondonNet Blockbuster of the Week

Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies (15)
Comedy (2004) 87mins US
Director: Danny Leiner
Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Malin Akerman
Harold (John Cho; 'That Asian guy from American Pie') and Kumar (Kal Penn; 'That Indian guy from Van Wilder') live in New Jersey, and frankly, there's not much to do. While Kumar spends his days avoiding his father's constant cajoling about med school, Harold suffers in an all-white Investment Banking job, crunching numbers for his indolent colleagues. After Harold is loaded with work and Kumar shrugs off another med school interview, a bag of good weed, an itchy case of the munchies and a god-sent television commercial sends them on an adventure that will change the way they view hunger.

Kal Penn plays Kumar Patel, and Jon Cho plays Harold Lee in Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, Icon Pictures.
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LondonNet Critic's Choice of the Week

Hotel Rwanda (12A)
Drama (2004) 121mins US
Director: Terry George
Starring: Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo, Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix
Just days before he his native Kigali would deteriorate into a savage and dystopic killing grounds, Paul Rusesabagina was running a successful four-star hotel that served as a posh refuge for Western European tourists and diplomats. The air was thick with unrest, though, as the de facto voice of the Hutu tribe was using radio broadcasts to galvanize the latent, deeply rooted hostility between the two tribes - hostility brewed in large part centuries ago by the disregarding of established borders by colonizing European countries. The tension came to head in the spring of 1994, when members of the Hutu tribe began indiscriminately murdering Tutsis in an effort to completely eradicate what was still perceived as an enemy tribe.

Hotel Rwanda, Entertainment Films.
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LondonNet Turkey of the Week

Boogeyman (15)
Horror (2005) 89mins US
Director: Stephen T Kay
Starring: Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak
Tim Jensen has been afraid of the dark ever since, as a kid, he watched his father fall victim to the Boogeyman, who lurks in the darkness of every closet. Now living in an apartment without any cupboards or wardrobes, Tim is just about surviving. When tragedy leads Tim back to his hometown and the house of his nightmares, he is forced to confront a malevolent force from his past, aided by his old sweetheart Kate and a runaway girl Franny with a terrible secret.

Boogeyman, courtesy of Way to Blue
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The Comedy Store London's most popular comedy club has been splitting sides for twenty two years now. The likes of Paul Merton, Jack Dee and Jo Brand have all taken to the stage here. Click here for info...


Purchase club tickets via our online service, and at most venues you'll be able to jump the ticket queue. Venues featured include:
- Fabric
- The End
- Borderline
- The Cross

Top Clubs
Based on Page
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(3 March)
1) Fabric
2) The Cross
3) Cargo
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Accomodation Deals

La Reserve - (1 Jan - 31 Mar 2005) Singles UKP59; Double UKP69; Twin UKP79; Triple UKP89; Superior Double UKP89; Family UKP120

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Three of the Best

Royal Garden Hotel*****(Kensington High Street)
A modern hotel of unusually individual character, complete with stunning location and up to the minute facilities.
Single - UKP185 (Inclusive of VAT)
Superior Double - UKP205 (Inclusive of VAT)
Deluxe Double - UKP245 (Inclusive of VAT)

The Rookery****(Farringdon)
Beautifully restored and perfectly poised for the City of London, also within walking distance of the West End. A genteel and welcome entry to the elite band of hotels serving the City. A haven of calm in the heart of Europe's busiest financial centre.
Single - UKP188 (Inclusive of VAT)
Double - UKP205.63 (Inclusive of VAT)

The Willett
***(Sloane Square)
A dignified Victorian hotel with the ornate carvings, mosaics and chandeliers to prove it. It has also moved fast enough with the times to have attracted a long list of regulars.
Double - UKP90
Deluxe Double - UKP110

London Hotel Chart

Top Sellers
(18 Feb - 3 March 2005)
1) Columbia
2) Commodore
3) The Ritz

Worldwide Hotels
New additions and highlights from our sister site Hotelgenie.

Lapa Palace Hotel*****
Lisbon, Portugal
Once the home of a count and decorated in traditional Portuguese style, the Lapa Palace was built in 1870 as a stately home. You can't help but relax beside the pool. Set in the garden overlooking the Tagus River and close to the centre of town, the Lapa lets you explore the cultural and commercial side of Lisbon. Dedicated tourists can pop along to the Embassy buildings. Others may prefer to while away the hours on one of the nearby golf courses. As for bedrooms, from 18th century classical to art deco, the Lapa's architecture spans the decades. Pick a suite with a balcony for a view of the city.


New Plans for Ally Pally - Live venue and shops key parts of UKP30 million scheme (more...)

Queen gives music a medal
Award announced on day Her Majesty asks Clapton what he does for a living (more)

Keanu as Constantine Competition

Constantine, TM & © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.CONSTANTINE tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), who has literally been to hell and back. When Constantine teams up with sceptical policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister (also played by Weisz), their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldly events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.

Keanu Reeves as Constantine, TM & © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.Based originally on DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer comic book, this is one of this year's most eagerly anticipated flicks and is out in cinemas from 18 March 2005 - but we're offering 5 lucky winners a pair of tickets to an exclusive preview screening in the West End on 8th March.

For the chance to turn your friends green with envy, all you have to do is answer the following question….

Question: What comic book is the film based on? (Hint: see above)

How to Enter: Send an email with the correct answer to "[email protected]", with the subject header "Constantine Competition".

More Necessary Info: NB Include email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be used for this compie - guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't send you info about the prize! First correct answers out of the Editor's hat win the prizes, details will be sent to the winner. The Editor's decision is final.

Closing Date: 3pm, Monday March 7, 2005. Enter ASAP!

TM & © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Dear LondonNet,
I'm a busker, but not by trade. I enjoy playing in public and earning a few quid comes as a bonus. What i'd like to know is about busking licences. I know there are now licences available to busk on the tube in london, but what about the surface? I've never been asked to move on from my chosen platform, however i've discovered it's apparently illegal to perform anywhere without a licence. This is a mystery, because people like me will always perform somewhere, whether there's a restriction or not. Do you have any info about busking licences in general? - B. Rubble

Dear Barning,
Generally, busking is considered on a council-by-council basis. For example, you can get away with busking and street performing anywhere on the South Bank, but try to plop your guitar case down in front of Big Ben, and you'll likely be escorted by a few of Westminster's friendly police. Overall, we suggest going legal on your busking business, as a proper badge and 'stage' in some of the busiest few walkways will surely promise you a bit more dosh. Unless you're that awful crooner at Waterloo, whose horrible Frank Sinatra renditions make people move along a tad faster. Find your busking application here: - LondonNet

The Editor reserves the right to amend your contributions for reasons of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness. We welcome your views on any subject, questions about your visit and of course feedback about the newsletter or website. Email: [email protected] to submit.