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12 June 2003, Issue 7

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Music: Rock and Pop
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New Tickets just released:
Milton Keynes Bowl, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 23rd June 2003
More dates and tickets have just been released for Slim Shady's UK gig. Be warned though, the first batch sold out real fast.
Since he last visited UK shores he's released what's been hailed as his best album to date, The Eminem Show, and has received critical plaudits for his first film role, in the superb 8 Mile. Lose yourself in this Milton Keynes stadium do - now with extra dates...
click here for tickets

Justin Timberlake
More London tickets released today
It's Justin Timberlake! After performing the most Robbiesque transformation since, well, since Robbie himself, it looks like Justin's well on his way to surpassing Mr Williams even on the superstar stakes (if his frequent appearances in the celeb gossip rags are anything to go by). Now completely shorn of his boy band Britney botherer image, Justin has carved out his own particularly funky (and not to mention sexy) solo niche with singles 'Cry Me a River', the Grammy nominated 'Like I love You' and 'Rock Your Body', all from his highly listenable and boogie-worthy album 'Justified'. His Spring shows were the hottest ticket around, and these new December shows promise to be the perfect way to warm your cockles, ahem, on a cold winter nights. click here for tickets

London, 7-8 Dec
see also:
Manchester, 10-12 Dec
Sheffield, 14 Dec

Top Five Gigs
1) Eminem

2) Justin Timberlake, Manchester
3) Zero 7
4) Courtney Pine/The James Taylor Quartet
5) Sugababes
(Based on LondonNet sales in last 7 days)
- More tickets just released
Zero 7, 24 October - Brixton Academy
Our Pick
Zero 7

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June 03
12th, Grandaddy, Astoria, Sold Out
12th, Stateside Tribute, RHS Garden Wisley, Book Online
13th, Courtney Pine/The James Taylor Quartet, RHS Garden Wisley, Book Online
14-15th, Isle of Wight Festival, IOW, Book Online
22nd, Queens of the Stone Age, Brixton Academy Sold Out
26th, Kool And The Gang, Hammersmith Apollo Book Online

July 03
3rd-4th, Tony Bennett, Royal Albert Hall, Book Online
18th, Simply Red, Route of Kings, Hyde Park, Sold Out
19th, Blue, Route of Kings, Hyde Park, Sold Out
20th, Paul Weller, Route of Kings, Hyde Park, Sold Out
22nd, Jools Holland, Route of Kings, Hyde Park, Book Online

August 03
16th-17th, V Festival, Chelmsford + Staffs, Sold Out
24th, Rolling Stones Hotel Package, Twickenham + Hotel, Book Online

Plus Rolling Stones, Manchester and Glasgow, Sold Out

September 03
21st, Kelly Rowland, Hammersmith Apollo, Sold Out

November 03
17th - 18th, Meatloaf, Wembley Arena, Not Available
24th, Sugababes, Hammersmith Apollo, Book Online

December 03
5th Dec, Elton John, Wembley Arena, Sold Out
5th-7th, Justin Timberlake, Earls Court, Sold Out
(also available Justin @ Manchester
, 10-12 Dec, Sheffield, 14 Dec)
13th, Blue, Wembley Arena Book Online


Music: Classical and Dance

Last Night of the Wisley Summer Proms
RHS Garden Wisley, Sat, 14th June
Henry Kelly presents the Last Night of the Wisley Summer Proms with the National Symphony Orchestra of London. A celebratory night to wish Wisley a happy 100th birthday hosted by Henry Kelly of Classic fm fame. Programme include traditional proms favourites, such as Jerusalem, Pomp & Circumstance, Jupiter and Land of Hope and Glory...click here for tickets

Top Tickets
1. Jerry Springer Opera
, National Theatre
2. Last Night of the Wisley Summer Proms
, RHS Garden Wisley
Our Picks
Last Night of the Wisley Summer Proms
, RHS Garden Wisley


Music: Jazz, Blues, Country
Top Sellers
1) Courtney Pine/The James Taylor Quartet
2) Tony Bennett

(Based on LondonNet sales in last 7 days)
Our Picks
Courtney Pine/The James Taylor Quartet
, RHS Garden Wisley, Fri, 13th June 2003
Jazz Cruises on the Thames -
two-hour Sunday lunch cruise


[email protected]

Pay to Play?

Hi there,

I have just read an article on The Death of Pub Rock which deals a little
with the Pay-To-Play scheme that is ruining the UKs live music scene.

I would therefore like to bring to your attention a petition that has been
set up by West London based unsigned band, fREAK-1-C. We have set up a small
website detailing what pay-to-play is and giving people the chance to signe
a petition against the scheme, as well as Name and Shame venues who run

We are a non-profit making organisation and need help with advertising... Is
there any chance you could put some of this info in your news pages? The
website, with full details of what we are trying to achieve can be found at

We have recieved nearly 200 signatures in just over two weeks...

I look forward to your response,


Ian Husbands

Ed: Thanks for that Ian. Stewart Dean, LondonNet's resident web guru and founding memeber of indie band The Sheen replies:

Hi Ian,

I too am in a unsigned band based in West London, The Sheen, and so far have never ever paid to play - and if you can bring the punters in you will never ever have to pay to play. There are venues, like Sound, that require a deposit that is returned if you get over X amount of people in, but then it's a bigger venue and the amount is not that great. If you can't get over 30 people to a gig then you don't need a place that holds over 200. We're playing a 300 capacity venue in Brixton next month and it's still not pay to play.

In short what are you on about?

Stew Dean

Click here for LondonNet's Pub Rock Feature


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