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Once In A Lifetime
(David Cassidy, David Essex, The Osmonds, Bay City Rollers)
June 5, 2005, 7:30pm, Wembley Pavilion

IT SHOULD be sensory overload met by a fury of more aged screams as a horde of 70's teen heartthrobs invade Wembley Pavilion in June. It'll be difficult to believe that the clock hasn't been turned back thirty years as many of the faces who filled television screens and made teenage girls scream in their bell-bottoms return to rekindle that passion on a grandiose package tour...
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The Streets
11/03/05, 7:00pm
Alexander Palace

OVER the last three years, The Streets, aka London via Birmingham DJ/rapper Mike Skinner, have turned the 2-step/garage club scene on its ear, managing to earn British hip-hop international respect as a mere by-product. Combining singing, rapping, and mock accents to release clever rhymes that drop as many cultural references as his talented American counterparts, earlier this year Skinner released a second critically acclaimed album, A Grand Don't Come For Free.

His club scene roots also translate to a stunning live show as energetic, bouncy and spontaneous as his recordings and there will be plenty of space for him to move around in the cavernous Alexandra Palace...
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The Hives
Weds April 20, 2005, 7.00PM
@ The Carling Apollo Hammersmith, Queen Caroline St., W6
Tube: Hammersmith
17.50 UKP

THE HIVES are the perfect example of a band in the right place at the right time. In their 11 years as a band, they have released 3 albums with the mainstream explosion of garage rock falling solidly between their 2nd album, Veni Vidi Vicious in 2000 and their reissue of Your New Favourite Band in 2002. The Swedish garage-punks were able to rest on their laurels for a little while, spending the time touring constantly with like-minded bands like the Mooney Suzuki and the Hellacopters and finding time to play massive festivals at Reading and Leeds.

On the strength of the single "Walk, Idiot Walk" the Hives have managed to prove they can pick up where they left off with Tyrannosaurus Hives, their first album of new material in four years. The band is tighter and more technical than in the past, but expect their punk energy to shine through loud and proud at this Hammersmith gig.
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Our Picks!

Saturday July 9 & Sunday July 10, 2005
7pm, National Bowl, Milton Keynes

OASIS' star has fallen over the last couple of albums, plagued by derivative material and the usual personal problems faced by megalomaniacal rock stars. Two months ago, though, they did the smart thing and released a comprehensive DVD focusing on their brilliant and massively successful first album, Definitely Maybe, to remind fans of their power at their prime. It has sold well, showing that fans hadn't forgotten that string of three albums (Definitely Maybe, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, and Be Here Now) which effectively aped 60's rock and put a unique spin on it to make Oasis the biggest English band of the mid 90's. Along with Blur and Pulp, they brought British music, specifically Brit-pop, to worldwide prominence.

The Mancuian quintet still have retained enough of a fan base, even through various line-up changes and mixed reactions to their last two studio albums (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Heathen Chemistry), to headline a show at the National Bowl, Milton Keynes in July. They have also announced two more stadium shows to follow, including a home show at Manchester and a show at the new rock scene hotbed of Glasgow.

Oasis has always been the Liam and Noel Gallagher show, but it has become even more so with the changes. Not that there's particularly a problem with that, as the battling brothers have managed to write many memorable songs. The question is whether past triumphs will be able to outshine their occasional onstage bickering. As their live album Familiar to Millions showed, no matter what happens, it is sure to be a rock n' roll spectacle. - Steve Marshall
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The Darkness
Manchester, Birmingham & London Wembley Arena

THERE IS plenty of good news for the Darkness's rabid legion of fans this week. Rumours that singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins had sustained a hand injury that would prevent him from playing on tour turned out to be exaggerated, and now the band has added yet another London show to their already full UK itinerary.

The arena-rock spewing, lovable louts are taking things to a slightly more intimate venue (for those unable to get a taste of their upcoming three shows at Wembley Arena) as they play Carling Academy Brixton in three weeks. They are still touring in support of their massive hit album, Permission to Land, and love or hate the rock n' roll excess of their music, they put on a flamboyant live show that is sure to rock the socks off even the most cynical fan. - Steve Marshall
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Mark Knopfler
Royal Albert Hall
31 May 2005, 7.30 PM

WHILE he is probably best known for his work with Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler has built a two-decade solo career of scoring movie soundtracks. Most notably among these are his first solo effort, Lost Heroes, as well as his takes on the Princess Bride and Wag the Dog. Nevertheless, he's managed to find time to release 4 proper solo works (the first of which wasn't until 1996, after the proper break up of Dire Straits), the most recent of which is Shangri-La. Expect Knopfler to draw from all eras of his career (no doubt including a couple cuts from the Dire Straits' mid-80s blockbuster, Brothers in Arms) for this one-night stand in a special venue.
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The Astoria
5 December 2004, 7pm

the members of Ash are only in their mid-20's, the critically acclaimed Northern Irish rockers are already scene veterans. They come to the Astoria in support of their 5th album, Meltdown, returning to their signature sound of catchy punk tunes with a soft edge.
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Destiny's Child
Earl's Court
2 June 2005
UKP 30.00

DESTINY'S CHILD have not released much since 2001's Survivor (lead singer Beyonce Knowles has instead chosen to focus on successful solo projects), but fans in the UK have not forgotten the new R&B trio with a string of Top 40 hits. They swarmed Virgin Megastore at Picadilly Circus to meet and greet the band last month, leading to the impression that their Earl's Court gig will be more of the same.
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(Based on LondonNet sales Nov 4 - Dec 2, 2004)
1. Oasis
2. Destiny's Child
3. Rammstein
4. The Darkness
5. Ash
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Lunchtime Recital Series
Royal Festival Hall
1/month; UKP7.50

AN INTIMATE setting and small crowd produce an invigorating musical encounter during an otherwise humdrum mid-week afternoon. The Lunchtime Recital Series, happening one Thursday every month, generally offers a slice of classical music brought by international and London-centric performers.
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The Nutcracker, ENB at The Coliseum
21 December - 8 January, The Coliseum

A GREAT Christmas treat for all the family, English National Ballet's extraordinary production of The Nutcracker is a feast for the senses. Vibrant, eccentric and magical; designer Gerald Scarfe and choreographer Christopher Hampson have conjured up a colourful and bold Nutcracker, now in its third year. More info...
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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Saddler's Wells

LEZ Brotherston designs this award-winning ballet, courtesy of the creative mind of Michael Bourne. Beginning in 1995, Swan Lake is the longest-running ballet in the West End, and is sure to please crowds this Christmas.
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(Based on LondonNet sales Nov 4 - Dec 2, 2004)
The Nutcracker, ENB at The Coliseum
Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, Saddler's Wells
Cinderella, Royal Opera House
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