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15 February 2002, Issue 98

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AHOY! Contents:

1. WHAT'S UP: London for Free, Half Term Ideas
2. LONDON DIARY: The Poetry of Modern Life
3. ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre, Music, Clubs, Cinema
4. HOTELS: London and Worldwide
5. NEWS: Latest news from London
6. COMPETITION: Theatre: Family ticket for Short Stories @ the Lyric
7. TALKBACK: Keep football in the 'hood, More Diana speculation

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1. WHAT'S UP - What's new on LondonNet

Cinema Compie - IMAX family tickets
Win one of 2 family tickets for Disney's oscar winning Beauty And The Beast
at Waterloo's IMAX cinema.
- Scroll down for competition details.


KIDS: Half Term Ideas
What To Do In London With The Kids
- Oh dear, it's half term again. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to
amuse the little ones take a peek at our fun-filled kids section. See



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- The Poetry of Modern Life


Andrew Motion has brought a refreshing candour to the post of Poet Laureate,
as we saw this week with his verses in memory of Princess Margaret.

Motion drew gasps from some royalists when he acknowledged the “money,
houses and holidays" enjoyed by Margaret in his poem The Younger Sister but
perhaps his efforts will give poetry some new zest.

There are other signs that poetry is on the rise. Police forces, football
clubs and prisons all now have their own in-house poets. It is probably a
long way off before every house in the land puts up a camper bed for any old
wandering troubadour, but something interesting is clearly going on in the
land of rhyme and rhythm.

Why the change? I think in an era notorious for its fascination with instant
news-bites and blandly pre-spun statements, poetry represents something of a
haven for carefully considered words and quiet, emotional insight.

A word of praise here must go to London Underground, whose Poems on the
Underground – little verses placed on spaces usually adorned by adverts –
are a welcome relief from brand-name culture. Mind you, if Andrew Motion was
to be as frank with the Tube system as he was with the princess, we might be
hit with poems full of unrelenting despair and juicy swear words, something
that rhymes with a line like, ‘There I was on a platform stuck…’

David Clee, Editor (mailto:[email protected])




In the spotlight
- To bee or not to bee: from honey makers to film makers, Hamlet gets a

Up and Coming
My One And Only, the Piccadilly theatre, Piccadilly Circus tube
Gershwin gets a going over in this song and dance tribute to love.

- Ophelia, the Arcola theatre, Dalston Kingsland overground
Hamlet's girlfriend finds her voice. Listen out for the tunes of FRIDGE.

- The next booking period for The Lion King (from 1st October 2002 until 2nd
February 2003) will go on sale to groups on Monday 18th February. Mon-Thurs
eves, Wed mats, excluding school holidays £7.50 off top three prices. For
group booking details see:

- Theatre Tickets
Top Three Sellers (1-14 Feb 02)
1) My Fair Lady
2) Cats
3) Blood Brothers



Rock and Pop

Gig Review by Michael Tedder
- Kittie @ The Electric Ballroom, 11 Feb 2002
Much has been made of both the gender (all women, with a bearded former
roadie for a touring guitarist) and age (late teens/early 20's) of
Kittie...full review see:

Top Three Sellers (1-14 Feb 02)
1. Westlife, London
2. Mary J Blige, London
3. Destiny's Child, Wembley
- Tickets:



Carmen, Royal Albert Hall (21st February - 3rd March 2002)
- 'A powerful tale of lust, power, superstition and murder'
Headed by director David Freeman and designer David Roger, this brand new
‘in-the-round’ production brings together the same artistic team that
produced the highly acclaimed Madam Butterfly, Tosca and Aida. Call our
classical ticket desk on 020 8949 5363.

Top Three Sellers (1-14 Feb 02)
1. Carmen, La Cuadra de Sevilla
2. La traviata, English National Opera
3. Madame Butterfly, Northern Ballet
- Tickets:



- Film Of The Week
Ocean's Eleven ****
Director: Steven Soderbergh
George Clooney is a con man who recruits partners in crime Brad Pitt and
Elliot Gould to break into a casino comlpex. Good direction, good acting and
good fun. (12)
Full review:

-Other Films out this week
Ali ***
Oscar nominated Will Smith shines in Mann's powerful biopic of the world's
greatest sportsman. (15)

Funny Girl ***
Re-release for Barbara Streisand stormer. (U)

The Lady and The Duke ****
Well-spun tale of a British aristocrat's experiences in revolutionary Paris.

The Son's Room ****
Palme d'Or winner has a family fall apart through grief.

- Listings
By Cinema: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/cinema/index.html
By Film: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/films/index.html



Blow Up @ The Metro Club (Saturdays, 10pm to 5am)
Swinging London with Northern Soul, R'n'B, Orgasmic Pop, psychedelic
grooves, funky soundtracks, dancefloor jazz and spaceage beats Sixties
Psychedelia...Full review See:

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Three of The Best
- Top three offers currently available to LondonNet readers:

The Gainsborough Hotel**** (S. Kensington)
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- London Hotel Chart
Top Three Sellers (1-14 Feb 02)
1) Columbia
2) Rubens
3) Chesterfield


New additions and highlights from our sister site Hotelgenie.com.

Belle Claire*** (New York, U.S.A.)
- Striking redesign plus a handy location make this hotel a good choice of
base from which to enjoy one of the world's most enthralling cities. Special
rates for 2002. See:


5. NEWS: Latest news from London

Poem Tells of Margaret's 'Suffering in Love and Loss'
- Motion pens honest and moving lines for a very human princess)
Catch Some Kid's Theatre
- New stage stuff up for grabs



NEW! Competitions Page
- Details of some of the best free competition sites on the web. Register
today for your chance to win cash, cars and lots, lots more.


THEATRE Compie - Catch tickets

We have ONE family ticket for Short Stories by Agnes Limbos. The production
is part of the Catch Season at the Lyric, Hammersmith and runs from 28
February - 2 March.
Show Summary: Tarantino dances with fairy tales! Comedy wrestles with
tragedy! A tablecloth is transformed into a snow-tipped mountain range, a
rabbit is hunted to the echoing sound of song, blood magically appears on
the tracks. In this playful, cartoon-like foraging of fables, an awesome
world evolves. A remarkable show where everyday objects become
extraordinary. (Ages 8 - Adult)

Qu: Which Oscar Wilde penned children's classic is also part of the Catch
Tip: Take a look at our kids shows page for clues:

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do is send an email with your answer and the
subject header "Short Stories Compie" to:
mailto:[email protected]

NB Include email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be
used for this compie-guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't
send you info about the prize!

RULES and INFO: First correct answer out of the Editor's hat wins the prize,
details will be sent to the winner. The Editor's decision is final. Closing
Date: 20 February 2002


- SONY COMPIE: Win a Home Entertainment System
The Sony VPL-HS1 projector provides the ultimate "giant screen" experience -
ideal for films, sport and games. Think World Cup, think World Cup, think
World Cup....
Click below for competition details:


WINNER: Beauty and the Beast Compie (31 Jan issue):
Stuart Forrest (London W10)



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7. AHOY! TALKBACK: Readers say their piece

AHOY! Readers say their piece: Send mail to [email protected]
Notes: The Editor reserves the right to amend your contributions for reasons
of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness. The following
letters have been received direct here at Ahoy! Talkback or on our News
Talkback forum. Join the diverse debate by sending us an email or posting a
message on the forum: http://talkback.londonnet.co.uk/
We welcome your views on any subject, questions about your visit and of
course feedback about the newsletter or website.


Dear Editor:

Speaking of moving Wimbledon to Milton Keynes. In my youth I was a fan of
Aston Villa and later, Manchester United. The names of the players were just
like those of the fans - of course they were! They lived and worked at
"real" jobs in our neighborhoods back then! We identified with them. All of
the northern players were from the North - we even had our own style of play
that was characteristic of the regions.

I bring this up because I watched BBC America the other day - the "Reds"
were playing Arsenal (I believe), and I couldn't even start to pronounce the
names of most of the players! And they KISSED and HUGGED and jumped up and
down just because they scored a goal! I suppose it's all style; back in my
day it was "cool" to act as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary when
we scored! This all to say that we have a similar problem in the States with
our "sports" ( read, business' ); the clubs and their owners have no home or
emotional ties to a region anymore. They go where the money leads them. So
when we speak nostalgically about fond memories of a team whose players came
from the region they played in - that's all that's left - memories.

Residents of the Cities where these "Local" teams are are located, are now
blackmailed into building bigger and better single use Stadiums, (and don't
forget the state of the art sliding, rotating, whatevering roof!) We are
told that unless the biggest, newest stadium is built, the team will face
financial ruin, so therefore the taxpayers should pay up or lose 'em! So, I
guess the Milton Keynes "Dons" will be the new kid on the block over there?
Ain't progress grand?

Still Ted, here in Wisconsin, USA. Bye for now.
Ted Warwick

REPLY: We want local teams for local people, eh Ted? (Ed)


Dear LondonNet,

Are you aware that the Mercedes she was travelling in was stolen at gunpoint
approx 2wks bfore the her tragic death? Also that the vehicle was found
abandoned and intact except for the absence of the unit responsible for
controlling the brakes & steering! I find this astonishing...

Also there are good reason to suspect that the driver was deeply involved
with at least one of our security services.

Why was diana's body embalmed before the autopsy? Was diana pregnant? Food
for thought!!!!

Good luck

Barry Johnson

REPLY: Steady on Barry... are you suggesting foul play? Surely not. (Ed)
More Diana Conspiracy Theories from our archive:


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