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1 November 2001
Issue 91
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Win four 'cocktail marathon' tickets at Trams and tickets for this Saturday's New York Calling club night.
Click here for competition details.

THEATRE: Group Bookings
OVER the past few months we have been doing an increasing number of group bookings. So we thought it was about time LondonNet had its own group booking page:

Group bookings normally require between 10-15 in the party (depending on show) and usually attract handsome discounts. If you are planning a works party, school trip, birthday treat or laying on corporate hospitality please get in touch.
Email: [email protected]

Theatre Bookings:
To book tickets for all West End shows call (020) 8949 5363 (from U.K.)
++44 20 8949 5363 (from overseas)
Our ticket office is open 9-5.30 Mon to Fr
i and 9.30-12.30 Sat
[email protected]

MUSIC: Westlife
TICKETS for Westlife's London dates go on sale on our site at 9.00am this Friday (2 November). I can't wait, can you? Music:

LONDON DIARY by David Clee

The A-Z of Life

Browsing through LondonNet's excellent film pages the other day, I was struck by the preponderance of films starting with the letter 'A' riding high in the charts.

Admittedly most of them seem to begin with the word 'American', but that isn't the whole story. Currently in the top ten, we also have Amelie, AI: Artificial Intelligence and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

It seems obvious that our friends in film marketing have discovered that movies near the front of the alphabet do better than those near the back. You don't get many films titled Zimbabwe Sweethearts, for instance. If such a tale existed it would presumably be re-tagged An American in Haraare or something.

Alphabetism is a prejudice that affects not only those who work in films, but real people too. Studies have demonstrated that the Atkins of this world do better in class than the Zills, maybe because teacher can't be bothered to read down to the bottom of the register the whole time. It is no accident, I probably believe, that famous people like Shakespeare and Socrates existed at a time when most people were illiterate, while nowadays Bush, Blair and Bin Laden rule the roost.

Now that I have convinced everyone of this all-pervading alphabetism, can we please have no more wobbly talk to the effect that the Allies don't have a coherent plan for the war on terrorism? Of course they do. Al Qa'ida get it first, but don't worry, they haven't forgotten about those letter-wise lot in the Zanzibarian Front for the Liberation of Zanzibar.
David Clee ([email protected])

News Headlines

- Music
- Theatre
- Clubs
- Cinema

HOTEL NEWS by Peter D. Clee

Going Stateside
IN THE previous issue of Ahoy! I asked you to recommend hotels from around the world for our sister site Hotelgenie.

The response was excellent and we now have some very interesting personal tips to follow up. I am looking for character rich city hotels from around the world, with a particular focus on North America. So if you have a chance please let me know which is the best hotel in your city and which hotels have captured your hearts on your travels. Thanks. Email me directly at: [email protected]
Peter D. Clee)


This week's hit-parade of the most popular hotels featured in our secure-booking site:

LondonNet's Top Five Hotels*:
1 (4) La Reserve
2 (1) The Columbia
3 (5) Rubens
4 (-) Chesterfield
5 (-) Lincoln
(*based on bookings between 18 - 31 October 2001. Previous issue's figures in brackets)

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LONDON MUSIC by Catherine Chambers

Beyond Nashville
The Barbican
November 2 - November 12

Country music doesn't just stop at Nashville you know. Hence the Barbican's tribute to a thriving roots scene, from country rock veterans to the modern generation of alt-country heroes from across the US. Judging by the plethora of talented musicians peddling their own flavour of twisted country -sometimes dubbed Americana- roots music is home to some of the most exciting music around today.

The much touted Handsome Family, a husband and wife duo from Chicago perform this Friday (2 November) alongside Jim White and Texan Alejandro Escovedo.

Not to be missed is the appropriately titled Down Home evening on Saturday 3 November. Featuring alt-country legend Howe Gelb, Calexico's John Convertino, Evan Dando, Sparklehorse's Mark Linous, guitarist and PJ Harvey producer John Parish, Lamchop's Kurt Wagner and one-time Throwing Muses singer Kristen Hersh.

Forerunner of the modern alt-country movement, Steve Earle has led a troubled life, from broken marriages, chronic drug addiction, a stint in jail - but it has all contributed to achingly honest soul-baring songwriting. Earle performs on Thursday November 8.

The following week (November 9) plays host to the incredible Blind Boys of Alabama who make the Rolling Stones look like young pups. Formed way back in 1939, the Blind Boys have over 60 years of making music under their belt. Their first record was made in 1948 and most recently they released a contemporary covers album, injecting a funky groove into songs by the likes of Tom Waits and Ben Harper. Soul-inspiring to say the least.

The festival closes on November 12 with the Jayhawks, who survived the departure of one half of their songwriting team and other setbacks to release a irresistibly melodic album Smile.

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LONDON THEATRE by Helena 'Spid' Thompson

In the spotlight

'In times of crisis, pull together,' 'the show must go on' - these are the voices in my head, and I don't think they'll stop until Nov 9 when my show is up and running. I don't mean to go on about this.

'In times of crisis…' you see, I'm trying not to panic. Ophelia is a strong, simple story, and Time Out liked my last play at Jackson's Lane theatre - so Martin reminds me. Martin Hampton comes fresh from the Octoberfest of Visual theatre, and I'm glad he's not worried about how to coordinate a revolving set, an on stage moat and three separate films.

'Pull together … ' - so says Adem, and he should know. Adem Ihlan's just got back from touring his latest FRIDGE album, and he's psyching himself up for performing music during Ophelia. So at least I'm not alone.

'In times of crisis…' collaborations are in fact all the rage. West End theatres may be empty following September 11, but multimedia events are thriving and theatre is cheaper than ever. Even Kenneth Branagh's ditched his Shakespearean image to work with comic duo The Right Size, and ballet boy Michael Clarke's teemed up with visual artist Sarah Lucas for a dance extravaganza.
'The show must go on' - go on, buy a ticket. Unlike Branagh or Clarke, Ophelia only costs a tenner, and you'll get film and live music for that. Theatreland needs you.

Call 020 8949 5363 for details or email me:
[email protected]

Up and Coming
Kiss Me Kate, The Victoria Palace, Victoria tube
Cole Porter's musical revamp of The Taming of the Shrew is back from Broadway with a cluster of US stars. It's time to brush up your Shakespeare.

Private Lives, the Albery Theatre, Leicester Square tube
Noel Coward's classic lives on. Everyone loves an intimate affair, and Private Lives is no exception.

Theatre Choice
Best Musical: Cats -
Lloyd Webber tames Eliot's feline poems
Best Play: Art - The value of modern art throws relationships into jepardy.
- For details, tickets and reviews see:

LondonNet's Top Five Shows*:
1 (1) The Lion King
2 (3) Starlight Express
3 (-) Fame
4 (4) My Fair Lady
5 (-) Art
(*based on bookings between 4-18 October 2001. Previous issue's figures in brackets)

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LONDON CLUBS by Catherine Chambers

Club Night of the week:

Thursday November 1, 8pm-12am
Venue: Paradise Bar By Way of Kensal Green

New club nights spring up all over the place in the West End, but when do we get to hear of new nights further out of the centre of town? West London has just been blessed with a brand new monthly night due to kick of this Thursday, and it's all happening down at the Paradise Bar in Kensal Green.

Promising quality music in an excellent venue with a good ambience, the promoters of Flow aim to create a laid-back friendly vibe with the focus being on meeting people and enjoying good music.

Ah, the music. DJs on rotation include Ireland's John D, former Jazz FM DJ David Moove together with Sam Parkes (Science Function) and The Nasty Brothers, who are set on course for a electronic musical journey.

Get into the flow of things - get down to Flow this Thursday. Oh, and it's only UKP3 on the door. Bargain.

Other Picks

Sat November 3, New York Calling, Turnmills 10pm-5am
UKP10 Members, UKP 12 Guests

London Calling looks Stateside for this special night. Featuring DJs Danny Rampling (Radio 1), Matthia Heilbronn (NYC) and Miss Jools among others.

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LONDON CINEMA by Catherine Chambers

Film of the Week:

Osmosis Jones ****
Directors: The Farrelly Brothers

Fantastic journey into the cartoon body of Bill Murray sees the Farrellies in top form.

Other top films out this week:
This Filthy Earth *
New Year's Day ****
The Animal ***
Gabriel and Me ***
The Others ****

For reviews and details see:

Cinema Menu
Film Listings - Full London listings with our easy to use guide


News from London

News Headlines
Crossed Swords Over Crossrail
- Canary Wharf and The City in transport dust-up
New Musical Gives Kiss Of Life to Theatreland
- Kiss Me, Kate receives standing ovation
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Dear Sirs;

Eurostar should provide the same pricing as that from Paris to London on the London to Paris journey.

Eurostar should provide standby ticket at discounted rates.

Eurostar should price the ticket fairly.

Eurostar should provide some form of entertainment on their train.

Eurostar should ensure that the trains are clean and carriages re-furbish where necessary.

Eurostar should work with local authority to brighten Waterloo station and all roads leading to and out of that station. All potholes should be filled.

Yousouf Kurimbokus

REPLY: I have good Eurostar news for you at last. Readers of our sister site can benefit from a great deal on returns from London to Paris and Brussels. Buy two returns for just 100 UKP the pair, see the pop-up promo on for details.


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