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30 August 2001
Issue 86
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- A pair of tickets to School Disco's second birthday bash this Saturday at Po Na Na's in Hammersmith
- Two pair of tickets to electro night Transparent Sound at JAX (formerly Happy Jacks) on Saturday.
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LONDONNET: 5th Birthday
WE had a great time celebrating our 5th at The Gore Hotel last week. For a glimpse of the debauchery see:

LONDON THEATRE: Half price tickets
WE currently have two for the price of one deals on most performances of Buddy and Blood Brothers.
To book tickets call (020) 8949 5363 (from U.K.)
++44 20 8949 5363 (from overseas)
Our ticket office is open 9-5.30 Mon to Fr
i and 9.30-12.30 Sat

LONDON DIARY by David Clee

Open Your Hearts to London Restaurants

LONDON restaurants received a double boost from the Z-Men this week.

First came news that the influential Zagat Survey (run by Tim Zagat) had named London as "one of the top two, three or four cities for restaurants", heaping particular praise on the likes of The Ivy, Nobu and Gordon Ramsay at 68 Royal Hospital Road.

Then, scientists at Ayr University, led by Victor Zammit, published a study showing that eating between-meal snacks is a bad idea. Not only does it cost the economy millions in lost production as employees stand at the sweet shop counter unable to decide between the competing merits of original, and new orange, flavour KitKats, but, says Dr Z, it can lead to diabetes and heart trouble.

Previously, most people would have suffered a heart attack when presented with the bill at any of London's top restaurants, but now they should be able to afford a meal and wine for two at Ramsay's (UKP250) if they cut out the crisps and chocolate for, what do you reckon, a few hours?

Obviously, no-one really wants to eat fruit instead, so we need to find something else to fill the aching existential void created by the alienated, globalised workplace. Looks like I picked a good week to start smoking again.
David Clee (

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HOTEL NEWS by Peter D. Clee

A thank you

As I am still recovering from last week's birthday celebrations this week's column will be a little light (headed, I guess).

We had our bash at The Gore, our longest serving hotel. I have not used the venue for a party before and I am glad to say we were not disappointed. The service was peerless as usual and all had a good time. Cheers everyone.

Thanks to our long standing relationship with The Gore, we obtain big savings on standard rates which bring this characterful, antique laden curiosity into the reach of a wide range of our readers.
Peter Clee (

Or why not head off to one of the European cities featured on our sister site

This week's hit-parade of the most popular hotels featured in our secure-booking site:

LondonNet's Top Five Hotels*:
1 (1) The Columbia
2 (-) Chelsea Lodge
3 (-) Royal Garden
4= (2) Gore
4= (-) Ritz
(*based on bookings between 2 - 16 August 2001. Previous issue's figures in brackets)

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LONDON MUSIC by Catherine Chambers

Gig Of The Week:

Michael Sheehy
Thursday August 30
Hope And Anchor, Islington
FEW battered an eyelid when Dream City Film Club sank slowly out of existence. Those that did were all prepared to mourn the loss of this underrated fourpiece who over the course of five years delivered three soul-baring albums ('Dream City Film Club', 'In the Cold Light of Morning', 'Stranger Blues').

Then salvation arrived in the form of DCFC singer Michael Sheehy's decision to carry on with a musical career albeit alone. Solo artist status suits Sheehy well as his gorgeous debut album, Sweet Blue Gene, showed. But his second album 'Ill Gotten Gains' is a bruising, heart-wrenching journey that touches a raw nerve.

While there's always more than a touch of the melancholic to Sheehy's music, his deeply penetrative blues-y croon sends shivers down the spine. Then there's his lyrics, wrapped in emotional turbulence of the kind that evokes the lump in throat effect.

It's not hard then, to find yourself completely overawed at a Michael Sheehy gig. Live shows are often intimate low-key affairs wherein the audience is more often than not, left spellbound. If past performances are anything to go by, chances are this gig will be filed under 'memorable'. You won't be disappointed.

Other Picks

Thursday August 30, Tori Amos, Union Chapel
An intimate low-key gig from the Cornflake Girl who has just released her sixth album, Strange Little Girls, which reworks songs by 10CC, The Beatles, Tom Waits and, um, Eminem.

Friday August 31, Sona Fariq, Skindred, Camden Monarch
Another victim of major label politics, SF found themselves unceremoniously dropped from Warner Brothers earlier this year. Still, that should mean more angst in their rap-rock-funk amalgam. Skindred, featuring former Dub War man Benji, support.

Sunday September 1, Starsailor, The Arts Theatre
From the home of the Verve come a bunch of scruffy kids with the hope of being the Next Big Thing. Well, they're already being touted as the New Coldplay. Though I wouldn't take that as a compliment.

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LONDON THEATRE by Helena 'Spid' Thompson

In the spotlight

If you're a sucker for punntastic word play and a catchy tune, heed my stage whisper and look out for a new cult musical on the block.

'All Cloned Up' is an off the wall extravaganza which nonetheless hit the spot during my scouting outing at the Edinburgh festival, and is coming soon to the Bloomsbury theatre in Tottenham Court Road.

Thanks to mad-cap protagonist 'you gen' ious Eugene, a darkly comic tale of lust, corruption and genetics evolves at a pace funky enough to have even Darwin tapping his foot. Eugene is desperate for the perfect woman, and as head of 'Genetics International,' determines to turn his wife Fiona from a strong-willed siren into a domestic servant.

The result is a rocky horror hybrid of pop music, camp lyrics, clever choreography …and singing cloned sheep. Scheduled to play later this month (I'll let you know when the dates take shape) it'll be fun to see this beast of a show grazing on fresh pastures.

Up and Coming
Platonov, the Almeida at King's Cross, King's Cross tube
Once called Play Without A Title, Chekhov's early masterpiece remembers its name, with a little help from playwright Sir David Hare.

Closer To Heaven, The Arts Theatre, Leicester Square tube
The Pet Shop Boys get all loved up for a clubby musical.

Theatre Choice
Best Play:
Stones in his Pockets - Hollywood comes to provincial Ireland in this hilarious two-hander from Marie Jones
Best Musical: Cats - Lloyd Webber tames Eliot's feline poems
- For details, tickets and reviews see:

LondonNet's Top Five Shows*:
1 (1) Mamma Mia!
2 (4) Starlight Express
3 (2) The Lion King
4 (3) Phantom of the Opera
5 (-) Stones in His Pockets
(*based on bookings between 16-29 August 2001. Previous issue's figures in brackets)

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LONDON CLUBS by Catherine Chambers

Club Night of the Week:

Transparent Sound presents Freaks Frequency
Saturday August 31
JAX (formerly Happy Jacks)
UKP5 B4 11 UKP10 after

Transparent Sound, reputed to be the UKs longest running electro act, join forces with the finest talent from London and the US electro underground this Saturday.

Trumpeted as 'the finest purveyors of electro funk anywhere in the UK', Transparent Sound are an aural delight for fans of electronica. What's more this will be their first live performance since their appearance at Open to Torture Xmas 2001 at The End!

DJs include A.D.J (Pyramid/Analogic), Scape 1 (Mass Transit), Orson Bramley (Electrix) and from across the pond Ape and Kris Krause (Outside Recordings).

So if electronica and techno are your bag you could do worse than head off down to South London's JAX this weekend.

Other Picks
Fri August 31, Chew The Fat, The Bug Bar, SW2 8pm-3am

Beats and breaks at the weekly club night with resident Paul Arnold and Mole.
Fri August 31, Escape From Samsara, The Fridge, SW2 10pm-6am UKP9 B4 11 UKP14 after

Trance-central! DJs Sheridan, Dave Randall, Sol Ray and Darren Shambola are the decknicians while there's loads of stalls and alien performers upstairs.
Sat September 1, School Disco 2nd Birthday, Po Na Na, Hammersmith 10.00pm-3.00am

Re-live those school days at the ever-popular School Disco, which celebrates its second birthday on Saturday, with special guests George, Zippy, Bungle and Geoffrey in attendance! Oh, and don't forget to grab a slice of birthday cake on arrival!!

Club Feature
It's Not All Whips And Chains, You Know
- Catherine Chambers gets all tied up in London's fetish scene

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LONDON CINEMA by Catherine Chambers

Films of the Week:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch ****
Director John Cameron Mitchell

Starring John Cameron Mitchell, Michael Pitt, Miriam Shor

SCARRED for life as a result of a botched sex change operation, Hedwig (formerly known as Hansel) is left with a slight stump, henceforth referred to as her ‘angry inch.’ ...more

A Knight's Tale ***
Director Brian Helgeland
Starring Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, Mark Addy, Paul Bettany
A Knights Tale is the simple story of a young squire, William (Heath Ledger) striving to achieve his dream - to rise above his low birth and become a knight ...more

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Cinema Menu
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News from London

News Headlines
Blair in a Dill Pickle Over McDonald's Sponsorship
- PM is 'out of touch' say Labour Party opponents
Hamilton Sex Charges Dropped
- 'I am not a banana,' says former Tory minister's wife
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A pair of tickets to School Disco's second birthday bash this Saturday at Po Na Na's in Hammersmith
Tell us who your favourite pop star was during your school years!

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RULES and INFO: Best answer out of the Editor's hat wins a prize, details will be sent to the winners. The Editor's decision is final. Closing Date: 31 August 2001.

Two pair of tickets to electro night Transparent Sound at JAX (formerly Happy Jacks) on Saturday
Qu: What was JAX formerly known as ?
Tip: Clue in preview:

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do is send an email with the correct answers and the subject header "Transparent Sound" to:
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RULES and INFO: First 2 correct answers out of the Editor's hat win a prize, details will be sent to the winners. The Editor's decision is final. Closing Date: 31 August 2001.

Last Issues Competition Winners:
(16 August 2001, Ahoy)
(1) MSG
Freya Johnson (Tufnell Park), Simon Dawe (Kentish Town NW5), Tasmin Van Dyken (Harrow)
Qu: Name MSG's charismatic frontman...?
Answer: K
(2) Garage City
Joseph Chanelle (Palmers Green), Emma Coyle (Balham), Nigel Gomeze (N7), Paresh Parmar (E14), Cassie Fitzsimmons (Brixton)
Qu: What is the nearest tube to Fabric?
Answer: Farringdon


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Dear LondonNet,

I haven't lived in London for 15 years, and only did so for 5, but your newsletter brings back every evocative memory of 5 fantastic years. Wouldn't miss it.

I'll be back,

Neil MacLachlan

REPLY: We look forward to your return Neil. (Ed)

Dear LondonNet,


I read Londonnet and am always looking forward to the 'next' edition, congratulations to Pete Clee and all his staff. Five years is quite a time to keep a newsletter going strong, with something new to catch the eye, i.e the article in this issue on Prince Charles, I would have missed it completely had I relied on local newspapers, which are run by 'Murdoch' who is extremely anti royal.

I did miss however the Diana Conspiracy, also the U.F.Os over Kent.

What I appreciate most of all is the openness and frankness in the email newsletter a thing one does not generally find these days.


Ramon Estrada

REPLY: Thanks Ramon, we'll try our best to hang on to our sincerity! (Ed)

Dear LondonNet,

Even years later after the death of Princess Diana the royalists are still trying to discredit her name, by also discrediting her 'ROCK' Paul Burrell.

He was the only person she thought she could trust and now the (ROYALISTS) are out to get him as well....

I hope that the investigation shows that Paul Burrell was loyal right up to the end of Diana's life and would not steal or acquire anything belonging to her unlawfully. It's just another nail in the coffin for the establishment to end Diana's name and reputation.

REPLY: Will you feel the same way if it is proved in court that he really did clean out his late mistress's belongings? (Ed)

Diana Conspiracy Theories Feature:


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