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16 February 2000, Issue 72
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WHAT'S UP - What's new on LondonNet…

THE last issue of AHOY! went out in a bit of a hurry. This mean't that I didn't have time to check that all the links worked. Guess what? Lots of them didn't. Plus the competition was missing a question! Oops. So a thousand apologies to those of you who clicked away frantically without success.
(P.D.Clee, Publisher)

LONDON for FREE: Happy Home
LEICESTER Square based super-club Home is giving away four pairs of tickets in this issue's exclusive compie. Click here for competition details.

LONDON for HALF: Theatre Special
Two-for-one tickets for LADY SALSA for best seats (tickets priced
20.00-25.00, plus 15% commission) for performances from Monday to Thursday evenings only until 15 March. "Experience Cuba and its sumptuous offerings like you've never done."
NB This offer is only available via our Telephone Booking line:
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NEW LOOK 2: LondonNet
THE latest two sections of the site to undergo our new-look revamp are the Clubs and Music guides. Again we would love your feedback on the changes, so take a look and email us at:

LONDON DIARY by LondonNet's Editor David Clee:

Country Stickers Chase City Slickers

BUMPER stickers used to be dominated by sub-humour nonsense like 'My Other Car's a Porsche' and self-righteous charity efforts asking you to 'Mind! That Child May Be Deaf' which I always thought was a bit unfair on both blind children and deaf adults, who were presumably fair game for wheel-spinning motorists. 'Yes, I saw the figure on the pedestrian crossing, officer, but her white stick and bowed gait convinced me she possessed poor eyesight and was several decades past childhood and consequently I felt within my road rights to crunch her bones beneath my wheels while texting my girlfriend."

In recent traffic jams, however, it has been impossible to avoid stickers proclaiming the values of Liberty, which, on closer inspection, refer to the jolly old Countryside Alliance. Next month the Countryside Alliance are expected to bring close to half a million supporters to central London to defend their liberty to dismember foxes, despite the fact that there is as much chance of this parliament actually ending blood sports as there is of the Dome finding a buyer in time for the next millennium.

But while the sticker evidence suggests some support for our country cousins among urbanites, if the CA really wants to convert the rest of us townies, it'll have to do better than trot out the old liberty line. That only confuses us, making us think that in the forgotten fields of olde England, shepherds and milkmaids have won the civil right to ingest the drug of their fancy, whatever colour or creed they might be.

No, the Countryside Alliance need new slogans for their stickers, ones that both chime nicely with their political roots in traditional rural England and with the consumer desires of city folk. To that end, I am willing to let the CA use 'Serfdom Means Cheaper Au Pairs,' 'Mobile Phones Work Better in Wide Open Spaces' and 'My Other Three Cars Are Volvos, But I Still Get to Moan About Petrol Prices' as long as they let us set up old fashioned tolls on roads leading to London, all proceeds kindly donated to genetic research on the perils of in-breeding.

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HOTEL NEWS by Peter D. Clee

This week's hit-parade of the most popular hotels featured in our secure-booking site:

LondonNet's Top Five Hotels*:
1 (1) The Columbia
2 (-) Chelsea Lodge
3 (-) The Gore
4 (2) Hazlitt's
5 (3) The Ritz
(*based on bookings between 1-14 February 2000. Previous issue's figures in brackets)

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LONDON MUSIC by Catherine Chambers

Ooh, goody-goody, as Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter who hits our screens this week, would say. Those madcap East Londoners, King Prawn return to serve up an irresistible ska-fried dish of infectious punk at Camden Dingwalls on Mon 19 February.

Quite frankly the barmiest band to skank their way out of London, KP throw in elements of dub, reggae, sprinkled with a dash of hardcore. Harbingers of skank-tastic tunes that display a mixed bag of influences from the Dead Kennedys, The Clash and Specials, the Prawn are not to be missed. The fourpiece - vocalist Al Rumjem, guitarist Devil Hands, beardy bassist Babar Luck and skinsman, Nikolai, will be mostly playing top tunes from their highly eclectic second LP, Surrender To The Blender.

Equally as palatable are punk crew The Toasters who'll be warming up tonight's show in preparation for the Prawn. A tasty night out, all told.

Other picks

Tue 20 February, Evan Dando, Camden Dingwalls
What's this? The former Lemonheads singer has come to pay Blighty a visit? Indeed so, and he's bringing the country-rock vibe that is so in vogue, plus some ol' 'Heads tunes. "So here's to you, Mrs Robinson..." etc

Tue 20 February, Janus Stark, HQ's
The only reason this lot sparked any attention is because of Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt, I hear you cry. Not because they unleash some damn fine Helmet-influenced punk metal then?

Wed 21 February, Cousteau, Borders, Oxford St
Scott Walker and Bacharach influenced gothic-tinged poetic gloom from the London quintet. 'Last Good Day Of The Year' from their self-titled debut weaves its magic it just three minutes.

Wed 21 February, Frank Black, Astoria
Black Francis, he of Pixies fame returns with another solo effort that apparently tramples over his previous efforts. Melodic quirkiness coupled with surf guitar - courtesy of fellow Pixie Joey Santiago - ensures a night of raucous art-rock.

Wed 21 February, Richard Ashcroft, Brixton Academy
If, like yours truly, you've never really understood what all the fuss is about with Rich and/or The Verve then chances are you'll have bypassed his debut album 'Alone With Everybody' for a much more worthwhile purchase. If not, then it's likely you'll have snapped up a ticket to this sold out gig and are staring aghast at what you've just read.

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LONDON THEATRE by Helena 'Spid' Thompson

In the spotlight

The end of the mime festival can be a sad affair as hoards of international companies prepare to leave. There's comfort to be had this year however as London theatres let other countries stay in on the act.

Living up to its venue's name, Lady Salsa decamps from a theatre pub to The Talk of London where 12 high-kicking dancers find the leg room they need to tell the story of Cuba. Another fringe-to-West-End success story looking beyond the UK for inspiration is Shockheaded Peter. Heinrich Hoffman's cautionary tales leap to life at the Piccadilly, where the spawnings of one inventive German's mind become a junk opera of scare-mongering.

For those who really want to be frightened, Riverside studio's moderately priced double bill offers more than a cheap thrill. Degenerate! celebrates the work of Krasa and Kafka with two energised performances dedicated to victims of the Holocaust.

But if it's dialogue you're after, trust the National to stay closer to home with a version of Synge's Playboy of the Western world that coaxes poetry and peasantry from Irish dialect. Or soothe your conscious with a trip to the Albery theatre February 22, where money raised by wordsmith Caryl Churchill's Far Away goes to dilapidated Palestinian theatres. Far away dramas could do with our help.

Up and Coming
Far Away, Albery Theatre, Leicester Sq tube

Caryl Churchill stuns again with a harrowing vision of the future.

Port Authority, New Ambassadors Theatre, Leicester Sq tube
Conor McPherson follows the Weir with a look at modern relationships.

Medea, The Queen's Theatre, Leicester Sq tube

Raw emotions and bloody solutions from the duo who dramatised the Wasteland.

Theatre Choice
Best Play:
Stones in his Pockets - Hollywood comes to provincial Ireland in this hilarious two-hander from Marie Jones
Best Musical: Cats - Lloyd Webber tames Eliot's feline poems
- For details, tickets and reviews see:

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LONDON CLUBS by Catherine Chambers

Fri 16 Feb, Surgery, The Clinic, W1 10pm-4am
Deep house upstairs with the likes of Chris Simonds from Cross Section Records behind the decks. Surgery DJ's are on hand to mix groovy funk and electro below.

Sat 17 Feb, Decadence, Gossips, 10pm-4amW1
The ultimate in glam and 80s rock thrills. If the very mention of Kiss, Motley Crue and Skid Row sends shivers down the spine, then this is the place for you. Boasts some of the most impressive, not to mention brightly coloured hairdos.

Sat17 Feb, Garage City, Bar Rumba, W1 9pm-6am
DJ's Chrissy T and Rude Boy Rupert, Bobby and Steve spin a mix of soulful US garage and funky house. With guest Ricky Morrison from M & S Productions.

Sat17 Feb, Informal, Form, Greek St, 9pm-3am
Soulful Saturday Social says the press info employing a nice use of alliteration. Unsung heroes and Mastomic provide the entertainment.

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LONDON CINEMA by Catherine Chambers

This Week's Big Releases

Hannibal ***
Director Ridley Scott
Starring Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman. (18)

TEN YEARS on from the deservedly Oscar-winning Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter returns to our screens in a film based on Thomas Harris’ best-selling novel. But what should have been a thrilling second course only serves to leave a sour taste in the mouth... click here for full review

The Emperor's New Groove ****
Director Mark Dindal
Starring David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt

It’s not often that I’ve enjoyed getting up on a Sunday morning with a little suggestion of a hangover and making my way to deep and darkest Hammersmith to see a KID’S FILM!. But The Emperors New Groove has changed my perception of the cartoon genre. In every essence it conforms to all the cartoon conventions that made Bugs, Daffy and Roadrunner such a good laugh. Gone are Disney's usual annoyingly cloying song and dance routines to be replaced with gravity defying slapstick pratfalls and side splittingly funny one-liners that will appeal to young and old alike... click here for full review

Other new releases this week:

Breakfast at Tiffany's ****
Director Blake Edwards
Audrey Hepburn stars as the sad slapper who conquers society New York in welcome re-release. (PG)

Digimon - The Movie **
Director Mamoru Hosoda/Minoru Hosada
For slightly older kids than Pokemon, but still an ordeal for accompanying adults. (PG)

Dungeons and Dragons ***
Director Courtney Solomon
Jeremy Irons hams it up in fantasy-adventure strictly for belief suspending kids. (12)

State and Main ***
Director David Mamet
Alex Baldwin plays movie star stuck on location in smalltown USA with less-clued-up-than-they-think pals Sarah Jessica Parker and Philip Seymour Hoffman. (15)

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LONDON TIPS - Secrets of the City

Welcome to the section where Ahoy! readers submit their top tips for visitors to London and visitors ask for help. To ask a question or submit a tip for your fellow readers send us an email to:

Hello London Tips,

I have two tips:
1) If visiting Camden Market always make sure you need to buy groceries. That way you can park in Camden Town Sainsbury's for free.
2) If you want to view London's cityscape get down to the south Bank. The London Eye has re-opened.


Ian (Mornington Crescent, London).


News from London

News Headlines
Minister Sends out Dome S.O.S
- Falconer squirms as Legacy pull out of race for Greenwich site
Sport News
Pleat: Graham Wouldn't Sign Stars
- Court allegation puts pressure on Tottenham boss
News Talkback


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Dear Talkback,

My name is Anna and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. The reason I started to surf this site is because I am doing a research project on "London Youth of Today" for my (huge!) research project at my last year of Gymnasium (equivalent to Sixth Form College). My mother did her project on "London Youth of Today" in 1969 and I am comparing 1969 to 2001!

To be able to do the project I have designed an online questionnaire for boys and girls aged 14-20 living in the London and Home Counties to fill out. It's for students, non-students, british, non-british, guy, girl; as long as you live the London area and aged 14-20. I would be ever so greatful if anyone who thinks that they would be "my target group" (ha ha) would visit my homepage and spend five minutes to fill the questionniare out! The address is:

Thanks, Anna

REPLY: If you are aged between 14-20 and live in London we would rerally encourage you to help Anna. Good news is, Anna has agreed to share the results of her survey when it is finished. So we will let you know the reults as soon as we have them. (Ed).


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