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13 March 2003, Issue 126

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1. WHAT'S UP: London for Free, Technical Notice, Paul McCartney, London Eye
2. LONDON DIARY: Haircut to History
3. ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre, Music, Clubs, Cinema
4. HOTELS: London and Worldwide
5. NEWS: Latest news from London
6. COMPETITION: The Vitality Show Compie
7. TALKBACK: Hammersmith, Disgusted

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The Vitality Show Compie
- We're giving away a pair of VIP tickets for the Vitality Show which include a free makeover by one of the UK's leading make up brands. Plus five pairs of tickets for the runners up for The Grand Hall Olympia show.
- Scroll down for competition details.



- Technical Notice: We've moved
Following a series of 'technical issues' with our previous host we have moved our server to fresh pastures. You may have experienced some access difficulties during this transfer. Sorry for that. The changeover is now finished so now it's back to business as usual.



- PAUL McCARTNEY, Earls Court - Luxury Hotel and Top Tickets Package
Offer includes:
- Two top price tickets for Paul McCartney on Monday 21st April 2003
- Double/Twin room with Continental Breakfast at nearby The Lowndes Hotel, Knightsbridge
- Exclusive discounted rate at The Lowndes for extra nights (only available with this offer)
Cost: Only UKP 199 per person including VAT
Hotel Description: One of the best of London's new breed of boutique hotels, The Lowndes is right up there for location and attention to detail, in terms of both design and service. For our feature page on The Lowndes see:

Call us on 020 8949 5363 (Office Hours: 9.00-17.30, Mon to Fri)
or email: mailto:paul-mccartney-offer@londonnet.co.uk

For more Paul McCartney ticket and package info see:


London Eye: 2003 tickets
This year's online allocation of tickets for the London Eye is proving very
popular. So to ensure that you get the 'flight' of your choice take a peek
at our London Eye Info and Booking page for availability:


- Bus People


ONE of the by-products of the Congestion Charge is a big increase in the number and frequency of buses.

The problem is a lot of people would rather discuss arms policy with Iraqi dictators than jump on a London bus. In part, there’s something about the belching diesel fumes and slow, slow, stop, motion that appears to infuriate. But the main reason, if we’re honest, is fear of the other people who use buses.

Bus people are different to Tube people, after all. Unless they are tourists or drunkards, Tube people tend to look serious and rushed like they have somewhere vital to get to. This is reassuring because their self-importance is unlikely to bother to make conversation with the likes of you.

Bus people, on the other hand, being in the main school kids and pensioners, have no desire to get to where they are going as this is usually boring old school or a sub-post office that closed down in 1973. Instead they want to make a meal out of the journey. Old people spot other old people they haven’t seen since, ooh, last Tuesday, and talk about mutual acquaintances remembered and catalogued by type of ailment.

School kid bus conversation is also big on health issues, albeit of a sexually transmitted disease variety. Boasting about how many times you’ve had the clap has become the default top deck bus conversation for the 14-16 age group, I have discovered.

I didn’t have the heart to present my worrying findings to a gathering of bus enthusiasts at a model train, tram and bus event held last weekend at London Transport’s Acton Depot Museum. I’m glad I didn’t now, because it has to be said, the people at the show were some of the most genuinely enthusiastic people I’ve met in a long time. If we could all take a bit of their passion with us onto the buses, journeys would be filled with joy, keen debates on micro-engineering and the sounds of teenagers getting a smart clip round the earhole.

David Clee (mailto:djc@londonnet.co.uk)

London Transport Museum
- For more info on open days at London Transport’s Acton Depot Museum see:




In The Spotlight

Judging by the West End, one person shows look set to put casts out of a job. Tom Courtney's lone performance Pretending To Be Me has extended its run, following a successful transfer from the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Mean time My Brilliant Divorce, starring Dawn French, has opened to the best kind of laughter at the Apollo theatre.

Courtney's one man show shifts between poet Larkin's letters, journals and verse. The show pays Larkin homage in a backlash against the scathing biography which earned writer and poet laureate Andrew Motion more criticism than his subject. With director Ian Brown's help, Hull-born Courteney ambles amid tea and jazz records reflecting positively on Larkin's life and work.

My Brilliant Divorce takes a more heightened approach. With on stage
fireworks and luminous sets, this one woman show almost upstages its
performer. Following in the footsteps of Elaine Stritch's recent At Liberty
show and Simon Callow’s The Mystery of Charles Dickens, these crafty stars
axe production costs by refusing to share the stage.
- Helena Thompson (mailto:helena@londonnet.co.uk)

Up and Coming
The Three Sisters (opens 03/04/03)
Starry rework of Chekhov’s classic puts Kristin Scott Thomas back on stage.

Pretending To Be Me
Touching one man show that departs from Andrew Motion’s scathing biography
with a fine homage to Larkin the poet.

- Theatre Tickets
Top Sellers (1 -13 March 03)
1) My Fair Lady
2) My Brilliant Divorce
3) Mamma Mia!
4) This is Our Youth
5) The Lion King

- Theatre: A to Z of Shows
Our guide to all the leading musicals and dramas running or soon to open in
the West End. With quick links to previews, reviews and ticket pages.



Rock and Pop

Gig Previews

- Paul McCartney: 21-22 April 2003, Earls Court
Tickets: UKP45 and 75 plus booking fees
Plus our exclusive tickets and hotel packages for the ex-Beatle's Earls Court shows.
See: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ahoy/ahoy_music_21feb03_2.html

- Van Morrison, 15-16 April 2003, Royal Albert Hall
Tickets: UKP 32.50 plus booking fee
Van Morrison is always a treat, and these live dates will be no exception.
See: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ln/out/music/rockpoppreviews.html#van

- V Festival, 16 - 17 August 2003, Chelmsford and Staffs
Tickets: UKP 42.50 plus booking fee
Headlining the festival this year are rock-funk gods the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For full line up see: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ln/out/music/rockpoppreviews.html#v

Gig Listings
Our list of forthcoming London gigs. Plan your gigging and book your tickets
at: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ln/out/music/rockpoptickets.html

Top Sellers (1 -13 March 03)
1) Paul McCartney
2) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
3) Dandy Warhols
4) Justin Timberlake
5) Van Morrison
Tickets: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ln/out/music/rockpoptickets.html



English National Opera: Spring Season
Where: The Coliseum:
Runs through a selection of fine operas during Spring 2003. Full
programme of events and booking information at:

Top Sellers (1 -13 March 03)
1) Tosca, ENO
2) Rigoletto, ENO
3) Wuthering Heights, Northern Ballet
4) Compania Nacional de Danza
5=) Trojans at Carthage, ENO
5=) Der Rosenkavalier, ENO
- Tickets: http://www.londonnet.co.uk/ln/out/music/classical.html



- Film Of The Week
Barbershop (12A)
(2002) 102mins
Director: Tim Story
Starring: Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas
- Calvin runs a barbershop on the south side of Chicago, following in the footsteps of his late father. With bills to pay and a baby on the way, Calvin is forced to sell the shop to a loan shark. He quickly regrets the decision and attempts to raise the money to keep the shop in the family.

- Other New Films This Week
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (15)
Elling (15)
Equilibrium (15)
The Life Of David Gale (15)
The Son (Le Fils) (12A)
Stealing Harvard (12A)
Sunset Boulevard (PG)
Virgil Bliss (15)

- Listings
A to Z of London Cinemas:
A to Z of Films showing in London this week:



- Club Venues and Listings



- Thanks to a recent increase in our allocation we have tickets for almost
all upcoming performances. To enjoy big savings today, see:




Three of The Best
- Top three offers currently available to LondonNet readers:

The Ritz***** (Piccadilly)
- Even bigger savings on your favourite deluxe 5 star London hotel. More
than 40 per cent off selected rooms/dates exclusively for LondonNet readers.

The Lowndes**** (Knightsbridge)
- One of the best of London's new breed of boutique hotels, The Lowndes is right up there for location and attention to detail, in terms of both design and service.

The Hyde Hotel *** (Paddington)
- Comfortable three star hotel offering the best value ever on LondonNet:
Just 53UKP for a double room!

- London Hotel Chart
Top Sellers (1 -13 March 03)
1) Columbia
2) Ritz
3) Gore


Best Value Accommodation for 2003:

- Prestige Hotel: The Ritz, Piccadilly
From UKP130.00 per person per night. Exclusive rates at London's finest
prestige hotel.

- Budget Hotel: The Columbia, Hyde Park
From UKP29.20 per person per night. Our most popular hotel for over 5 years.

- Family Apartments: Vancouver Studios, Bayswater
From UKP40.00 per person per night for a Double Studio with kitchen, private bathroom, TV, desk and phone.

- B+B: Cordova, Bayswater
From UKP22.50 per person per night including breakfast.

- Hostel: Piccadilly Hotel, Piccadilly
From UKP9 per person per night. Brand new 600 bed hostel in the heart of the
West End!

Travelling on a shoestring? We have got together with some of London's best
value accommodation providers to bring you a fine selection of Hostels, Bed
and Breakfasts and Student Halls. Prices start from around UKP10 per person
per night. Reservations can be made instantly using our secure booking

Budget Hostels:
Bed and Breakfasts:


New additions and highlights from our sister site Hotelgenie.com.


5. NEWS: Latest news from London

West End Gears Up for War
- Church crypt the stage for new anti-war drama
Bad Hair Day for Bearskins
- Soldiers' furry hats are 'cruel' says animal welfare group



The Vitality Show Compie
- We're giving away a pair of VIP tickets for the Vitality Show which include a free makeover by one of the UK's leading make up brands. Plus five pairs of tickets for the runners up for The Grand Hall Olympia show.

Event Details:
The Vitality Show is back - and it's bigger and better than ever! This year
in incorporates the seven secrets to feeling fantastic: health, beauty,
fitness, food, inspiration, spirituality and relaxation. Following last
year's sell out show, it's now expanded into The Grand Hall Olympia,
London - bringing you even more great things to see, try and do than ever


Question: Where is this year's Vitality Show being held?
Tip: Read the event details above.

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do to enter is send an email with the correct
answer and subject header "Vitality Show Compie Two" to:

NB Include email, telephone number and postal address (which will only be
used for this compie-guaranteed). If you don't include your details we can't
send you info about the prize!

RULES and INFO: First correct answers out of the Editor's hat win the prize,
details will be sent to the winner. The Editor's decision is final.
Closing Date: 20 March 2003


LondonNet Competitions Page
- Details of some of the best free competition sites on the web. Register
today for your chance to win cash, cars and lots, lots more.


Issue 125, 13th February 2003
- Red Rose Competition (Two):
Winner: Jasmine C Winter Beatty (London, SE4)

Question: When did Red Rose City open?
Tip: 4th February 2003


7. AHOY! TALKBACK: Readers say their piece

Send mail to mailto:ahoy-talkback@londonnet.co.uk
- The Editor reserves the right to amend your contributions for reasons
of elegance, space, legality and plain sheer bloodymindedness.
- We welcome your views on any subject, questions about your visit and of
course feedback about the newsletter or website.


Dear LondonNet,

I was looking for a particular UGC cinema under the "a-z of cinemas". They are all listed as "UGC nameplace". But UGC Hammersmith was not there. After some searching, I realised that this one is listed as "Hammersmith UGC" to confuse matters.

This is an excellent website, and would be even better if it were consistent.



REPLY: Sorry about that Meir. We've taken this matter up with the UGC listings providers and hope to have it resolved soon. As ever we welcome your comments to help us tweak the cinema pages towards web perfection. Thanks. (Ed)


Dear LondonNet,

How dare you agree on the theory that MI6 assinated Princess Diana. Don't you notice that MI6 is protecting her country. I'm suprised even British people even published the article "Did MI6 kill Princess Diana?". Disgusting. I wanna here back from you.

From a disgusted kid from Australia

Mike Myers


LondonNet's mistress of the mysterious Linda Pleasance replies:
G'Day Mike. We've never said that we agree with the many contrasting theories received here at LondonNet. They are, however, consistently amusing and once in a while well informed EVEN.



- Thanks to a recent increase in our allocation we have tickets for almost
all upcoming performances. To enjoy big savings today, see:


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